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Nintendo NX is Reportedly a Handheld Device

Posted on July 26, 2016 at 10:43 am by Justin Cavender

Nintendo NX

The Nintendo NX will be a portable, handheld device that can dock with your TV and features detachable controllers, according to multiple sources which confirmed to Eurogamer. The NX will serve as a high-powered handheld console with its own display and controllers on both sides of the screen, which can be attached or removed. Yowza!

Nintendo’s NX console will be powered by Nvidia this time around and Digital Foundry gives an excellent breakdown on what to expect from the possible processor. Sources confirmed Nintendo’s new console is based around Nvidia’s mobile-orientated Tegra processor, with development kits currently using the Tegra X1 chip found in the Shield Android TV console. Basically the NX will be more powerful than the Xbox 360 or PS3, but not as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One.

Now that we know the NX is a handheld console the choice to go with cartridges makes a lot more sense. Back in May, some folks spotted The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s trademark included cartridge-based games. Apparently, the normal verbiage included in Nintendo’s home console trademarks only refers to digital downloads and discs. That’s quite the bit of detective work!

Nintendo is no stranger to being the little guy in terms of graphical parity, but the company believes their innovation and content is enough to steer gamers in their direction. Although, reports are surfacing that the NX will not support backwards compatibility due to the significant change in hardware. Is that enough to push gamers away? I doubt it.

While several of us here at Geek Legacy are long time Nintendo fanboys, I do have my own reservations based on the information from these sources. If the NX is truly a handheld where I can take my games from home on the go, how long will the battery last? How many games are going to launch with this beast? How much will it cost me? Do I have to wait several months for games to release like we experienced with the Wii U? I guess we’ll just have to wait until Nintendo finally decides to unveil the NX, which is rumored to be in September.

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