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New Weapon Pack DLC has Arrived for Sunset Overdrive

Posted on November 25, 2014 at 2:16 pm by Justin Cavender

Sunset Overdrive Weapon Pack DLC

Is your city overrun by ugly pink mutants? Are you constantly being harassed by rival gang members while out for a walk? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions then you might want to consider getting the new Weapon Pack DLC for Sunset Overdrive. Doing so will get you four awesome weapons including the Rager, Plague Bomb, Shield Buddy and Multi-lock Rocket Launcher to add to your already ridiculous arsenal.

The Plague Bomb instantly intoxicates enemies causing them to vomit and take damage over-time. Oh and they’ll explode when they die and spread the disease to other nearby enemies. Yowza! The Rager will cause enemies to be confused and attack each other and of course they also explode when they die. Why break the precedent? The Shield Buddy will generate a protective shield around you and your friends, but also deploys bombs. Finally, the Multi-lock Rocket Launcher will lock-on up to eight different targets. BOOM!

You can get your hands on this Weapon Pack DLC with the Season Pass or buy it separately for $4.99. Have fun and make some noise.

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