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New Super Mario Bros. U Review

Posted on November 20, 2012 at 12:16 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

The Wii U launched this weekend, and its biggest launch title has to be New Super Mario Bros. U. The game is a sequel to the hugely successful games on the DS and original Wii. The latest outing maintains everything that made those games great and brings back the nostalgic feeling of Super Mario Bros. 3 with its bosses, power ups, and overall theme.


Bowser has taken the princess hostage and it is up to our favorite plumbers Mario and Luigi to save the day. You have to traverse 8 worlds to reach him before you can save Princess Peach. Along the way you will fight the normal rogues gallery of Mario villains including the Koopa Kids at each of the world’s final castles. Same game, different console right? Not really.


Mario and his world have received a noticeable face lift since we last saw them, and while this is definitely not pushing the graphical power of the Wii U, the effect is noticeable. The backgrounds and characters look better than we’ve ever seen from Nintendo. This is particularly evident on the level based on Vincent Van Gough’s Starry Starry Night. The effect is brilliant, you find yourself admiring the background as much as the gameplay. It’s another wonderful nuance in a game full of tasty treats.


The hallmark of all Mario games has always been the tight controls and stellar platforming. This entry is no exception using the same control scheme used for the original Wii entry you can use the game pad for single player games or up to 4 Wii-motes for multiplayer fun. Using the game pad you can play up to 5 players at once. The game pad adds the extra feature of conjuring up to 4 temporary platforms at a time to help reach hard to get to areas, or to give you a boost to the top of a flagpole. This adds a fun element while eliminating the exhausting task of trying to reach the objects previously placed just out of your grasp.


The “story” mode is a great ride, taking you through 8 distinct worlds and pitting you against an array of enemies and bosses. Nintendo decided that wasn’t enough though and has included challenge modes into the game. If you feel like a little challenge why not try to get a gold medal in a speed run. Certain levels are given a time to beat, and you have to high tail it through the level as fast as possible. Sounds easy enough, but you soon realize that you will need a perfect run to get a gold, adding hours of replay value to the game. There is also 1-up Rally, Coin Challenges, and other special objective levels. There is so much to do, and something for everyone.


New Super Mario Bros. U is exactly what you want in a launch title. Something that utilizes the new technology without overusing it, and of course is a great game. If this is the level of games Nintendo is going to put out we are in luck because this is a home run.

Pros: Stellar gameplay, unique and fun level design, FUN
Cons: Music is repetitive

Presentation: 9.0
Gameplay: 10
Replay Value: 10

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    • Mandy

      What a great game. I beat it last night. Challenge modes are frustratingly addicting.

    • Patrik

      Curse you challenge modes. I've been playing the same level for an hour to shave off 3 seconds. Having a load if fun though. Great review.

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