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New HOUSE OF CARDS Season 2 Trailer Released [MILD SPOILERS]

Posted on December 13, 2013 at 9:24 am by Amanda Andonian

Late last night, Netflix and the official House of Cards Twitter accounts quietly dropped a full length trailer for House of Cards season 2. It looks like season two will pick up right where the last season left off, or at least not long after. If you still haven’t watched season one, then you might be better off not watching the following trailer as it includes clips that could be considered spoilers. Of course, if you haven’t watched the first season of House of Cards, then you probably don’t care about this anyway! Check it out!

I get chills just watching it! Looks like Francis Underwood’s machinations may (or may not) land him in some serious shit. On the one hand, I kind of love how devious and evil he is; though at the same time, it depresses me to no end how high he’s able to rise on the backs of others. Although it looks like his fling with Zoe will land him in the crosshairs of the DC press, he does have the power to crush her into dust if he so wishes. Despite how scrappy she is, I sincerely doubt that Zoe and her reporter friends will be able to do anything to stop Underwood.

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