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New Amazing Spider-Man DLC

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 3:30 pm by Justin Cavender

Activision announced today the Amazing Spider-Man video game is available across multiple platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC), for digital download. Also available today is some exciting  new DLC which includes the Rhino Challenge Pack, Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack, the all-new Lizard Rampage Pack, and the Stan Lee Adventure Pack.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game picks up immediately after the events of the movie, which was released this past summer. Fight off classic Marvel villains in this free-roaming, web slinging action adventure!

  • Rhino Challenge Pack — Play as Rhino and destroy everything in your path. This is a timed event so just break everything as fast as you can. Rhino is extremely fun to control after a long hard day at work. All that stress and tension gets released the moment you pound someone’s face and or their car. RAWR!!!!
  • Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack —   Two mini-games inspired by classic arcade fun.
  • Lizard Rampage Pack — Play as Dr. Connors’ reptilian alter ego, Lizard, in a race against time. Earn mega points by defeating Oscorp guards with your stomp attack and tail-swipe. Lizard has a super duper boost jump to get around the city. You must stop Oscorp by destroying the blast towers which will delay their cross-species containment blast.  This pack also includes the exclusive Vigilante Spider-Man Suit from the feature film.
  • Stan Lee Adventure Pack — Players take on the role of Stan “The Man” Lee in his own special mission across Manhattan. Keep in mind, you’re not just some old guy ready to get his face pounded by the next thug that crosses his path. Stan has the power of Spider-Man to defeat all enemies that get in his way.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Bundle Pack — Save a few bucks and get all four content packs for $10

So what do you think? Are you gonna jump on this new DLC? Tell us all about the damage you caused as Rhino or Lizard in the comments below.

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