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Nerd Off – What’s the best console of this generation? Snackbar says it’s the Wii.

Posted on February 2, 2013 at 8:00 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Back by popular demand, Geek Legacy is proud to present another installment in the “Nerd Off” series. Last time, The Mighty Jerd and Tyler Waterman embarked on one of the most epic arguments in Nerd culture; Marvel Now! This time around, another argument will be fueled by one of the questions that rocks every gamer to their core; which current generation console is the best? I will be playing the part of the Nintendo Wii and going keyboard to keyboard to keyboard in a triple threat match against Andrew Gouff’s X-Box 360 and Stephen Janes who made his case for Sony’s Playstation 3 yesterday. Hardware sales, game sales, innovation, and dependability; looks like Stephen and Andrew are playing for second.


photo 3

No one has a better roster of characters than Nintendo.

This is really what a game system is all about.  While the Wii gets a bad rap for having a never ending stream of shovelware, it produced some of the most fun games of this generation.  Games that could be played by all; gamers, their parents, grandparents, and children with ease.  It’s because of the ease to play and the extreme popularity of the Wii that the inevitable backlash occured. The Hardcore vs. Casual argument reached a crescendo this generation with a lot of gamers deeming the Wii “kiddie and gimmicky.”   Microsoft and Sony both expressed this sentiment early on in this generation’s console war.  Fast forward 2 years, and with the Wii clobbering them in sales both companies decided that motion control was more than a passing fad and released their own version of motion control.  Now let’s look at some of the games on the Wii;

Mario Galaxy 1 & 2photo 1
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Metroid Prime 3
The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess
Mario Kart Wii
No More Heroes
Epic Mickey
Punch Out Wii
Super Paper Mario
Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Wii Fit 
Wii Sports

With the Wii, Nintendo decided that gameplay came first, above graphics and pixels.  Unfortunately, much like the great Zelda game Wind Walker a lot of people could not see past the images, and decided that the Wii wasn’t for them.  But they missed a lot of great games.  I love playing games with my friends and family in the same room.  Online gaming is great and I play my fair share of game online, but it will never eclipse the excitement and joy of beating your friend and throwing it in his face in person.  This was the bread and butter of the Wii.  Have a couple friends over, and have a great time.


Out of the box, the Wii was ready to go.  There was no easier set up this generation; open box, plug in cords, power on, and enjoy.  Nintendo put innovative gaming first and didn’t bloat the cost of the Wii with items you may or may not have wanted.  Sure a Blu-Ray player is a nice feature, but when it is forced onto you at gunpoint with a $600 price point it seems less like a cool feature and more like a reason to wait for a price cut.  The Wii lacked the constant updates that plagued the PS3, and didn’t experience the massive network outate that crippled the Playstation Network for several weeks.  It’s online component was free, and the Wii itself was silent and fast.  Nintendo products have always been dependable and this generation was no different.  According to a Gamespot study the fail rate for Wiis was only 2.7%, compared to Playstation 3’s 10% and the 360’s mind blowing 23.7%.  The design of the Wii-mote was incredible, turned sideways it felt just like an old school NES controller and with a nunchuk attachment it could give you the closest thing to a mouse and keyboard set up for a first person shooter.  The Wii-mote was so great that when Playstation made Sony Wii… I mean Sony Move it modeled it’s controller after the Wii-Mote.

Console Legacy

Much like with the DS before it, Nintendo sought out to change the way games were played.  When the DS was unveiled people laughed at the gimmick and said that touch screens would never catch on because people like tactile buttons.  Not only did the DS succeed marvelously, but it changed technology.Sales  Just look at your phone, more than likely it has a touch screen. thanks Nintendo.  And it continued the idea of creativity with the Wii and motion control.  Where the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360 were simply upgrades to their predecessors, The Wii innovated.  It changed the way games were played, and opened video games up to a whole new demographic of gamers.  It brought us the virtual console, a hub of our favorite Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis, and Turbo Graphx 16 games.  The “gimmicks” introduced with the Wii are now staples in gaming, and will be for the foreseeable future.  It’s intuitive controls have made gaming easier for kids too.  My son was able to pick up the Wii when he was 3, and have a blast doing it.  He is able to play the Wii with his grandfather,  something not possible on the more complex systems, but just as fun.  And in the end, that’s what it is all about… FUN!

Why It’s the Best

231234-Mario Kart Trophies

As stated above, the Wii is just fun.  You can fire it up and play a couple quick fun games with your kids, or you can have a couple buddies over for a marathon gaming session.  Nintendo first party games were stellar this generation, giving us an entry into all of our favorite series without a dud among them.  It’s limited online component also had an surprise advantage as well.  The games on the Wii wouldn’t be dependent on Downloadable Content (DLC).  Too many games this generation have been shipped incomplete because the developers know that  they would be losing money if they didn’t hold something back for a future sale as DLC.  This is the biggest problem facing games today.  It’s not enough for them to get our $60, they want to charge us $8-$15 more for additional content that should have been included in the first place.  The Wii stayed clear of DLC and when you got a Wii game you knew that you wouldn’t have to shell out more money down the road to complete the game.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that Wii games were $10 less than PS3 and 360 games?  Innovative, Affordable, Easily Accessible, Great Library of games, No Constant Updates, Free Online; for all these reasons and more the Wii has to be the clear champ of this generation.

Check back tomorrow for Andrew’s entry in this Nerd Off, X-Box 360, and be sure to read Stephen’s case for the Playstation 3.

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    • thejerd

      You did your best…

      • Snackbar

        Well thanks. I knew it was an uphill battle.

    • It's the best system when you're 9 years old

      • Snackbar

        It's a start. 🙂 maybe that's why I love the Wii so much. It's a system I can play with my small children. I love it that my six year old loves Mario and Link like I did when I was his age. Nostalgia FTW!!

        • it's a great system for kids, and enjoying video games with your kids, and all that. Yet, this isn't which console is good for certain things, this is the Ultimate Console of this Generation. The Wii is cute but don't feel bad, the PS3 and X-Box aren't nothing special either. The PC is where it's as as gaming platform of all time 🙂

          • thejerd

            Unless you are playing MMOs, or feel compelled to do silly skin mods on games like Skyrim, there is zero reason to game on a PC anymore.

            • a) the mods for Skyrim are far more then just skin mods and b) shut up 😛

              real time strategy, simulation, MMos that aren't just WoW but world of tanks, ace of spades, the list does go on.
              I know you can't play Mario on the PC, well except through emulators and the awesomenss that is MariO – a game that combines Mario with Portal…
              oh and Portal.

            • thejerd

              Hah! I will take chilling on my couch, feet propped upon my coffee table, playing Borderlands 2 or Assassins Creed 3 on my 82" TV over being hunched in front of a 21" monitor at a computer desk, one hand on a mouse and the other on a keyboard anyday. No comparison! =)

            • Hah HA! They make Borderlands 2 for the Wii? Doesn't matter, they make both fo those games for the PC and you can hook up any PC to any TV, no matter what size. This way you get to put your feets up should you wish.

              and hell, use a controller on the PC if you'd like. My poorly grammatically written point is this – there's nothing any console can do that a PC cannot do faster and nicer looking.

              Now I understand, a console is easier to use, and it's good to get the casuals into gaming. good for children. Play those samey titles. Argue amounst other console fans who hate the other consoles (won't use the fanboy argument since it's stupid and I hate that word)

              I do think a website called geeklegacy needs someone to defend the true gaming platform 🙂

            • Overall I agree, the PC trumps any console… but putting together the perfect badass system capable of playing all your games at max settings with decent frame rates would be cost prohibitive. It'll cost way more than the $300-$600 next gen console price point.

              But "if you have the means, I highly recommend it."

    • Snackbar

      In my opinion the 360 forfeits this generation for being unapologetically faulty.

      • thejerd

        You typed "faulty", I think you meant to type "awesome".

        • Snackbar

          Based on all the people I know who owned a 360, I would say that 25% is a conservative estimate. Islands like you and I are the lucky ones Jerd. Of course I never play mine so it doesn't get the chance to Red Ring.

    • "Fiction can be fun!" -Ace Ventura

      Great post Dave. I like the red ring of death in the photo. I'm just a sucker for the PS3 and my 360 suffered the RRoD.

      • thejerd

        Have had an Xbox since the first day they came out… never once seen a RRoD. Pretty sure they are a myth; like unicorns or Kanye West's talent.

        • Randy, Dave, and I all got 360s in the first year of release. I believe Randy's died in 2010. Dave's is still working fine and I gave mine to a buddy and it still works as well. I did buy separate one in '07 but that one died in October of 2010 and I refuse to replace it. I have so many games too haha. My loss I guess. Glad to hear yours is still up and running though.

          • Yeah, I can confirm mine died in 2010. The RRoD is real.. like vagina dentata.

            • In fact, it's still in the trunk of my car. Next time Justin comes down to CA we're gonna go all Office Space on it with baseball bats and large caliber pistols. Expect the video up on this summer. Haha!

    • in my latest PC rants!
      check out 50 PC exclusive games. Sadly no Mario or Link, but a wide range of genres and awesome

    • DarthShiva

      Thanks for the nerd off guys!!! I enjoyed reading all 3 articles and I'm a little ashamed to say that reading the PS3 post actually makes me want to buy a PS3 more than anything else has, so that pitch was very persuasive. As I only own the 360 and the Wii, it's hard for me to say which console is the best. They all have good points, like Snackbar, I immensely enjoy playing things like Mario Party together, it was some of the best times I've had with my friends and I'm sad it doesn't happen anymore. Thanks for the great articles!

    • Carlos


    • Carlos

      Would you recommend upgrading to a Wii U?

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