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Nerd Off – What’s the best console this generation? Stephen says it’s the Playstation 3

Posted on February 1, 2013 at 8:13 am by Stephen Janes

Back by popular demand, Geek Legacy is proud to present another installment in the “Nerd Off” series. Last time,  The Mighty Jerd and Tyler Waterman embarked on one of the most epic arguments in Nerd culture; Marvel Now! This time around, another argument will be fueled by one of the questions that rocks every gamer to their core; which current generation console is the best? I will be playing the part of Sony’s Playstation 3 going keyboard to keyboard to keyboard in a triple threat match against David Edmundson’s Nintendo Wii and Andrew Gouff’s Xbox 360. Can we just give the award to me and make this less embarrassing for everybody else?


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

You’d be hard pressed to find a game that comes close to looking as good as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

What defines any console is the exclusive games and if you want to talk about the best exclusive games, you have to talk about the Playstation 3. The quality of exclusive titles for the PS3 started with a high-bar set by Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune title, and continued to impress from there. The Uncharted series included three great games (and a rumored fourth), but that isn’t the only example here. The Uncharted games were part of an original franchise that gained a number of followers with its Indiana Jones-like style and story, not to mention a likable main character who wasn’t a troubled bad-ass with a bald head.

The technically flawless Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is still a marvel even five years after it was released. I admit, there are about eight people in the world that understand the on-going plot of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, but I know a number of people who still enjoy the games and everything they have to offer. You can say what you want about the lengthy cut-scenes, but the fact that Hideo Kojima was able to render the same high-quality graphics for both game play and cut-scenes is outstanding and impressive. There really is only one other game in the PS3 library that can match what MGS4 did, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

Sucker Punch studios entered the current-gen of games by introducing a fresh new title, infamous and eventually infamous 2. What might be one of the most impressive titles in the PS3 library is the adorable adventure of Sackboy in the LittleBigPlanet games. There were a few shooters catered exclusively for the PS3 audience (Killzone 2 and 3, Resistance series), but where the PS3 really shined was when God of War 3 was released. No game (aside from maybe MGS4) showed such a perfect blend of graphics, game play and overall presentation and the impending release was one of the reasons I was excited to pick up a PS3 in the first place.

This is but a small sample size of the exclusive titles you can expect from the PS3. Do not forget that there are still a number of titles we can discuss but you should have the idea by now.


BluRay Disc

The BluRay capabilities were a driving force in PS3 sales and made the system a worthy home theater centerpiece.

Sony has an admirable approach when it comes to their visual presentation. As opposed to going through several visual changes, they believe they are better off by sticking with their design and making it better. The XMB interface of the PS3 has been various improvements, but functionality and design always stayed the same. In addition, the home theater presentation of the PS3 is by far the best of any console. The Wii stripped out DVD reading capabilities to lower the price per unit and while the Xbox360 could play movies in surround sound, it can not keep up with the glorious high-definition of a BluRay disc. When you want the ultimate home theater set-up, a PS3 is a very reasonable centerpiece that only does everything.

The same consistency in visual presentation was not present with aesthetic designs, however. The first example I implore you to think about is the Dualshock controller, whose design was first explored back in the Playstation One days. In a bit of contradiction, Sony did strip-out the “shock” element and tried pushing the Six-Axis feature, but later rectified their decision. Sony believed they were giving the fans what they wanted, but as it turned out the fans wanted the opposite. I do admit that the original design of the PS3 body was not completely attractive and prefer the new slim redesign that currently sits in my entertainment unit.


White Sony PS3

As with every Sony console, the PS3 has gone under various face-lifts during its life cycle.

Sony’s previous console, the Playstation 2, finally ceased production of their former flagship device after twelve successful years. If this is any indication on how Sony believes their consoles can live on, we can expect the PS3 to still be a successful home entity for another six years. The PS3 will successfully sell years after the inevitable announce of the Playstation 4 because it still will hold relevant for many people, especially those who don’t play games as much. The applications Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and others will continue to function, not to mention the BluRay capabilities and music-streaming services still make the PS3 an attractive option. Throw in the durability of the average PS3 (10% fail rate versus the Xbox360 rate of 23%) and you have a worthy investment.


PS3 Trophy

Ladies and Geeks, your console Champion.

Sony’s slogan really doesn’t lie. The Playstation 3 only does everything and well at that. One last pointer I want to mention is the addition of Playstation Plus. The Playstation Plus service, although totally optional, is the epitome of how a paid online service should be. It doesn’t hinder your online experience, but it rather compliments the services that you are already offered. Online save game storage, automatic enrollment in early betas and trials, exclusive discounts and free games make the service well worth the fifty dollars a year service. Sony recently commented that if you subscribed to Playstation Plus, you would have been able to save over two thousand dollars in free games, download content and more. You read that correctly. Microsoft forces you to pay for their online service just to use the majority of the features, while Nintendo completely lacks any comparable online features. No matter how you stack everything up, whether it is based on exclusive games, system features or durability, the Playstation 3 should easily be considered the premiere console of this current generation. Now, where’s my trophy!?

Check back tomorrow for David’s entry in this Nerd Off, the Nintendo Wii, and Sunday for Andrew’s discussion on the X-Box 360.

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    • You'll get no argument from me. The PS3 is amazing and I can honestly say I've used it more than any other console in my lifetime. It's a one stop shop for all my living room needs.

      GoW3 and MGS4 rank in my list of all time favorites. Both titles blew me away and I'm glad they were recognized in this article. I actually bought the PS3/MGS4 bundle back in '08, and I picked up GoW3 the day it came out. Even my wife watched me play through both games because she thought they were so cool.

      Excellent argument for the PS3, Stephen. I can't wait to see what Dave and Andrew come up with. Best of luck to you guys. You're going to need it.

    • thejerd

      Interesting… it is going to be a close battle between you and Andrew. I will await his article before weighing in with Jerd Law.

      • Snackbar

        Already counting me out. 🙂 Ye of little faith.

        • thejerd

          I'm not counting ~you~ out, I am counting that kiddie park arcade game system out. See the difference? =P

    • Thanks guys. One game I didn't include was Heavy Rain. My wife actually watched me play that game for hours due to the cinematic experience it presented itself. MGS4 is still fun and still is a great title, although Uncharted I think will resonate with a wider audience, I feel.

    • I believe in you Dave. You ARE the Pan. Bangarang!

      • Snackbar

        Thanks man. You can be my Ru-fi-oooooooo

    • the best console doesn't, cannot, will never match the most basic of gamer PCs.

      GAMES – sure a few titles are not available on the PC, very few. Yet even that doesn't compare since we get many many more, and not just the same old same old shooters or Lara Croft rip offs. Not only do we have the big titles but hundreds of indie games that have and will continue to come along.

      PRESENTATION- Please. At worst, any given PC title has visuals that simply cannot be matched by any console, because of the fact that even the PS3 is aging with the same hardware which cannot compare to current PC graphics cards & processors. Is it more $$$? yes, and you get what you pay for. I can run any current game on my PC which is 4 years old and it looks better then the PS3 on any HD TV.

      LEGACY – the PC is what they develop games on, every year they (who they are I'll never know) but they say PC Gaming is dead. They we get a slew of major developers putting PC Games out. Added to the creative titles we get from indie developers, the future is as bright as the past. We owned FPS, oh but you can play Battlefield 3 on the PS3 and multiplayer …12 vs 12 if you'd like…I can play 32 vs 32. We owned RPG games and even had FF7 😀 I don't know of a real time strategy game for PS3, or at least any decent ones. What about MMOs, I don't like them myself but there's options…and speaking of options. Can you mod PS3 games? If you'd like, you can play Sims 3 with so much custom items, clothing and the like that your head would explode.

      When it comes to fun, innovation and sheer power a PC handles it's games like no console could do, and will never be able to do. Once the PS4 comes out it's hardware will be outdated compared to what's available for the PC.

    • manesis

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