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Nerd-OFF Challenge: Freddy vs. Cliff Huxtable

Posted on November 8, 2013 at 4:20 pm by Justin Cavender

Nerd Off Challenge

Welcome to our first Nerd-OFF Challenge which features a no holds barred “Sweater Match,” between Freddy Krueger and Cliff Huxtable from the Cosby Show. Both of these men are known for their fashion sense and it’s time to decide once for all who would in a fight to the death.

The Nerd-Off Challenge is a bi-monthly event where two nerds will go head-to-head in a fierce debate arguing over the most nerdy of topics. The best part? All topics will be submitted by you—our readers and podcast listeners! Your participation will automatically enter you in our Nerd-Off Challenge Giveaway!

  • Phase 1 : The Opening Statement – Each nerd will be given 60 seconds to make an opening statement. This time should be spent pleading their case, building a strong defense, or making an all out attack.
  • Phase 2: Q & A – The Moderator will ask each nerd two questions. One nerd will have 90 seconds to answer, while the other nerd will be given 60 seconds to counter their opponent.
  • Phase 3: The Closing Statement – Each nerd will be given 60 seconds to make a closing statement.

This week’s winner of the Nerd-Off Challenge Giveaway will receive a Pacific Rim Blu-ray Combo Pack from Legendary Pictures.

Pacific Rim Nerd-Off

Be sure to let us know who you think should win in the Nerd-OFF Challenge. Does Freddy have what it takes to put Doctor Huxtable down for good? Stay tuned for next week’s Geek Legacy podcast which airs Tuesday November 11, to find out if you won the Pacific Rim Combo Pack.

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You can stream or download the Nerd-OFF Challenge below.

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