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Neil Gaiman Returning to Marvel and Bringing a Friend

Posted on March 21, 2013 at 7:58 am by Tyler Waterman

In a surprising move, Marvel has announced today that Neil Gaiman is returning, with a surprising character in tow. The legendary comic author, responsible for classic titles such Sandman and The Eternals, will make his return by co-writing the final issue of Age of Ultron with Brian Michael Bendis.

What’s even more surprising, he’ll also be introducing to the Marvel Universe a character he made famous in the pages of Image Comics’ Spawn. Warrior-angel extraordinaire Angela will be making her premiere in the same issue, and will apparently become an important character in the Marvel U going forward. This follows a very public and bitter legal dispute with Todd McFarlane over the rights to the character, in which Gaiman was awarded half-ownership.

Both of these announcements are great news, as Angela is a compelling character and Gaiman’s reputation more than speaks for itself. As if it wasn’t already hotly anticipated, the final issue of Age of Ultron has officially reached “can’t miss” status!

Source: CBR


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