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NBC Gives Viewers A Show to “Believe” In

Posted on March 17, 2014 at 7:16 pm by Lacey Gilleran

believe tv show

From Oscar-winning Director Alfonzo Cuaron and J.J. Abrams comes the new NBC show Believe. The story revolves around a young girl named Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) who is gifted with telekinetic powers. She is on the run from a secret organization run by an evil doctor named Skouras (Kyle McLachlan), who wants to use her powers for harm rather than good. So with all the big names attached to this project, did this show make me Believe?


The show starts off with a tragic scene where Bo’s parents are forced off the road in a terrible car crash. “They found us!” the father yells. As the car veers off the road and you are given a front row seat to the trauma, it’s clear that there’s no way Bo’s parents will survive. When the car stops, the mother pulls herself from the wreckage with Bo. Unfortunately both parents soon find themselves with broken necks, courtesy of an Australian woman dressed in black. Is she an assassin? And who are the people looking for Bo?

believe tv show nbc

The story continues with a Priest breaking a death row inmate out of jail. We learn the man’s name is Tate (Jake McLaughlin), and the priest is actually a man named Milton Winter (Delroy Lindo). After forcing Tate to leave through the sewer, Milton tells Tate that he is out of jail, but he must protect a little girl named Bo. What’s his first mission? To get her out of the hospital before someone else does.

believe tv show nbcCovered in fake bruises and wearing a neck brace, Tate makes his way into Bo’s hospital room and to find her asleep. He begins to cry, but is unable to understand why he’s suddenly overcome with emotion. Bo wakes and tells him it’s because he felt that he could be a good person. The touching moment soon ends when the evil Australian woman shows up. She offers to take Bo, but Tate refuses. He glances at her hospital badge, and realizes that she’s impersonating someone else. Punches, kicks, and body slams ensue. Bo sticks the woman in the butt with a drug filled syringe, disabling her. Bo and Tate sneak out a window and make it to the safe house shortly thereafter.

believe tv show nbc Bo, Tate, and Milton’s crew are soon discovered by the Australian assassin.  As they run to escape, Bo drops her stuffed animal turtle. Instead of being logical (hey, she’s 10), Bo attempts to sneak into the room to retrieve the toy. As predicted she fails, and ends up on the wrong side of the assassin’s gun. Lucky for Bo, Tate is nearby to get the crap beat out of him. What does Bo do? She screams. She screams loud and long, attracting hundreds of pigeons through a window that attack the woman. Tate, Bo, Milton, and crew escape while the Australian lady picks feathers from her clothes.

The rest of the episode consists of Bo showing how gifted she is, and relaying information for a dying man in a coma. She tells his son, a former doctor from the hospital, that he should not give up on his dreams. She reveals that some day he’s going to save a woman named Senga, and he will truly know he is meant to be a doctor. What the hell? What 10-year-old talks like this? Bo and Tate escape onto a bus while the young doctor rushes to the hospital to help a patient. The patient’s name is Agnes, but when he sees her name in balloons reflecting in a mirror they spell Senga.

The episode closes with Winter discussing Tate with his crewmember Channing (Jamie Chung). She asks how Winter could possibly trust that Tate will take care of the girl, and not ditch her. Winter simply says, “No. I put her with her father.”

believe tv show nbc

BOOM. While I knew that there was going to be some sort of relation between Bo and Tate, I didn’t expect that he would be her father. I’m also interested to learn more about the organization run by Doctor Skouras. This show has a Heroes/X-men vibe to it, so I’m intrigued enough to continue on to episode two. Will Bo and Tate get caught? Is every episode going to consist of Bo helping someone? Please don’t let this turn into a show like Touched By An Angel. PLEASE.

Believe Series Premiere – A

Believe, Season 1 Episode 1, aired March 10, 2014 on NBC.

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