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NBC Pulling Episode 4 of HANNIBAL

Posted on April 19, 2013 at 2:05 pm by Jess Hicks


In light of recent cultural events NBC and show-runner, Bryan Fuller, have opted to pull the 4th episode of the new hit Hannibal. The episode would feature a character, played by Molly Shannon, that brainwashes children into murdering other children. Below is a statement released by show-runner Bryan Fuller:

I didn’t want to have anyone come to the show and have a negative experience. Whenever you [write] a story and look at the sensational aspects of storytelling, you think, ‘This is interesting metaphorically, and this is interesting as social commentary.’ With this episode, it wasn’t about the graphic imagery or violence. It was the associations that came with the subject matter that I felt would inhibit the enjoyment of the overall episode… It was my own sensitivity.

Several events recently have brought Sandy Hook back into the media in addition to everything else going on. Though the episode will not be aired there will be several clips available online to highlight the important parts to move the show along into episode 5 and though the episode won’t be airing in the States it will still be airing over seas. Hopefully the show won’t be affected too much by outside circumstances beyond it’s control and it is important to remember the episodes were filmed before these tragedies.

New episodes of Hannibal air Thursday at 10/9c on NBC. 

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