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NBC Cancels COMMUNITY, For Reals This Time

Posted on May 9, 2014 at 3:10 pm by Amanda Andonian


After five seasons, it looks like NBC is finally saying goodbye to Community for good. The show has had a tumultuous relationship with the network almost since the beginning, and it seems that not even its deeply devoted fanbase can keep the show alive anymore. On the plus side, NBC also cancelled Revolution. Man I hate that show.

For those who have followed the saga of Community and its controversial creator, Dan Harmon, it probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Harmon made it well known that he didn’t exactly get along with some of the executives at NBC, and his feud with Chevy Chase ostensibly led to NBC firing Harmon at the end of season three. In a lengthy blog post on the matter, Harmon responded in a very Harmon-esque way. The drama had just begun!

When the fourth season of Community failed to live up to the standards it had set, fans cited Harmon’s absence as the reason for the dip in quality. No doubt that was a huge factor, given Harmon’s very specific vision (and working style) on the show, but it was still a huge surprise when NBC brought him back on board for the fifth season this year. Unfortunately, even with its creator back at the helm, it seems that this is the final curtain call for our favorite Greendale Community College students.

Of course, in the age of Netflix original series, this may not be the absolute end for Community. There’s always a chance that it could move to the Internet, given that Sony believes in the series enough. Whether they believe in it that much, though, remains to be seen. After all, Sony has stuck with Community thus far!

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