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My Favorite Game, Ever: A Reflection on Final Fantasy 6

Posted on August 10, 2013 at 12:11 pm by Travis Miller


A gentle introduction: I’m new here. I’ve been stressing for days about what I was going to do to begin my journey as a part of the Geek Legacy Team. I finally came to the decision that I should just write about something near and dear to my heart and let my words and thoughts do the work for me.

Sometimes the bad guy wins.

Sometimes your world blows up around you.

Sometimes you feed your sick father figure a “sickly fish” and he dies.

Everything I needed to know about life I learned from Final Fantasy 6.

Final Fantasy 6 is my favorite video game. In my mind it is easily the best example of an RPG, and easily the greatest game in the Final Fantasy series.

Sometimes the evil running the world is a lot worse then the evil standing in the shadows waiting to take over.

Final Fantasy 6That’s right, Final Fantasy 6 is better then Final Fantasy 7. It’s more emotionally powerful, it includes far superior characters and character development, and the story is even more engrossing:

It is better then FF7.

“But… but.. Aeris dies! I cried!”

I didn’t. I truly felt nothing for Aeris my first play through of Final Fantasy 7, and all subsequent playings have lead to giggle-filled joy when Sephiroth buries his sword in her.

But when Cyan says goodbye to his poisoned wife and child as they depart on the Ghost Train, I cried like I’d been kicked squarely in the man parts 14 consecutive times by a NFL kicker in Steel-Toed Boots.

Sometimes you need your friends to help you up, and sometimes they need you.

Final Fantasy 6 was originally released as Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES. I was 14 years old, and had already fallen in love with RPGs and the stories they told. In those days RPGs still had a level of challenge that meant that, yes, sometimes you die. Sometimes you need to grind a few more levels to get to the point where you can move forward. This has been an ever fading trait that I wish we could see more now a days.

Playing through Final Fantasy 6 for the first time still stands as the greatest highlights of my video game filled life.

Sometimes its hard to find hope in the face of the darkness surrounding you.

People love to discuss what makes a game great. Heck, I love to debate what makes a game better or worse then another game, love to engage in conversations concerning the merits of why Alpha Centauri is easily a Top 5 game of all time.

I certainly understand the love-fest that is the fan-dom for FF7. It’s a great game. It has some really good characters. Sephiroth is, obviously, a great villian…

…but not the best ever. Or even the best in a Final Fantasy game.


Final Fatasy 6 Kefka

End of story.

Early in the game he poisons an entire castle full of people. His laughter alone is both haunting and grating and annoying. He’s despicable in all the worst ways.

Oh, yeah, and he Blows Up the Entire World.

So, best villain ever? Check.

Somethings are worth fighting for: friends, family, love…

There has been few moments in any game, past or current, that compares to the first time you think you’re about to beat Final Fantasy 6.

About now, if you’ve played Final Fantasy 7 your mind is racing through the list of amazing characters in FF7: Barrett, Tifa, Vincent, Cid.

I say Final Fantasy 6 beats each and everyone of them: sure, there is a few annoying cast-off characters, as every RPG game is wont to have. But the list of amazing characters, with touching, powerful, and often tragic stories far exceeds those in FF7.

Cyan, Shadow, Celes, Locke, Terra, Edgar, Sabin, even barely usable little Relm has a story so entwined and intriguing that I never felt the hatred for her existence the way I did for Cait Sith or Yuffie.

On top of the great story, the amazing characters, and the still solid 16-bit graphics, Final Fantasy 6 featured one of the most streamlined, easy to understand yet entirely engaging Battle Systems to date. Certainly exponentially better then some of the recent offers in the series. I recently tried to play through Final Fantasy 13 again… after five horribly unengaged hours I took it out and started what is likely my 13th or 14th play through of FF6.

The logical conclusion: If you haven’t played Final Fantasy 6 and have any interest in RPGs at all, you’ve made a giant mistake… which you should remedy as soon as possible. You can thank me later.

What’s your favorite game? Why?

Sometimes the guy with the horrible laugh deserves to die.

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