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“Mr. Runner 2: The Masks” Review: Hitting the Apple App Store Today

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 12:01 pm by Amanda Andonian


Looking for a fun and entertaining iOS game to keep you busy this week? Look no further than Mr. Runner 2: The Masks, which hit the Apple App Store today at the low, low price of $0.99. The sequel to the popular Mr. Runner by Zing GamesMr. Runner 2 takes the running and dodging gameplay to a whole new level with even better visuals.

Mr. Runner 2 is simple in concept and gameplay: just tap to the right to make the character sprint forward, and tap to the left to slow him down. While the two-touch gameplay might seem overly simplistic at first, Mr. Runner 2 quickly ramps up and grows trickier and trickier as you progress through each level. It becomes less about dashing forward as fast as possible and more about perfecting your timing down to the second. With 32 levels to conquer across four different worlds, that’s a lot of running.

mr-runner-2-the-masksThe most striking aspect of Mr. Runner 2 is the amazing art direction that graces every level. If you’ve played the original Mr. Runner, then you know that this is a huge departure design-wise from the first game. Instead of a black and white almost-stick figure, Mr. Runner 2 is set in beautifully detailed and colorful worlds, filled with cute characters and fun villains. Even the load screens are a treat to look at, also featuring helpful hints for playing the game more strategically. On top of that, the game begins with a fun manga-like comic sequence that gives you some “backstory” on your character and why he’s running through these worlds, collecting masks.

Like any good casual game, Mr. Runner 2 also has plenty of achievements and collectables that you gather throughout the game (including the masks), adding to its replayability. You can even collect suits that give your character special abilities, making your journey through each level just a bit easier. As you play through, you also run into the avatars of various developers and testers from Zing Games, which I thought added a cute personal touch to the game.

mr-runner-2-the-masksMy only issue with Mr. Runner has to do more with the user interface than the actual game itself. The main menu interface could be a little easier to manage. It operates on the concept that your character is continuing to run, and you have to tap on things to choose them as he runs by. If you miss the thing that you wanted to select, then you have to wait for him to run all the way back around. It’s not a huge deal, but it is a user interface choice that I’m not totally onboard with. Although it makes sense within the concept of the game, it’s not the most user-friendly menu system. It would definitely work better if you could control when and where he runs by tapping to the left and right, rather than having him to continue running non-stop.

Also, if you have even a single health potion to revive you when you die, then you have to sit through a 10 second countdown as it asks you whether you want to revive yourself and keep going. Sometimes, I don’t want to revive, but waiting for that countdown to run out is pretty annoying. While you could just bypass the countdown by going through the pause menu to restart the level, that then erases any XP or treasure that you’ve collected up to that point, whereas waiting for the countdown to finish applies all that stuff to your character. A minor annoyance, but one that does tend to grow more and more irritating over time.

mr-runner-2-the-masksOverall, Mr. Runner 2  is a terrifically fun and challenging running game that’s suited to all levels of gamer. Since it starts you off slow, it’s incredibly easy to pick up and get the hang of. Even if you aren’t quick with your fingers, the game doesn’t force you to get a certain score or acquire so many stars to advance; just get through that level in one piece, and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for a new iOS game to while away your commute hours, or just play while waiting in line at the store, do yourself a favor and download Mr. Runner 2.

Final Score – 4/5

Mr. Runner 2 is now available in the Apple App Store for $0.99.

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