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Mr. Runner 2: The Masks First Trailer

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 3:56 pm by Stephen Janes

The first trailer for Mr. Runner 2: The Masks has been released and is scheduled to come out on iOS devices on Wednesday, April 24.

The sequel to Mr. RunnerMr. Runner 2 looks to build on the success of its predecessor, which was downloaded over five million times. Mr. Runner 2 continues to look like a fantastic homage to retro games and arcade classics, which fits perfectly for anybody needing a nostalgic fix. In addition, it looks like you are able to customize your character with various masks, taken straight from your favorite video game characters, which adds a nice touch.

Below is the full press release and trailer.

Mr. Runner 2: The Masks — the sequel to the widely popular Mr. Runner which has more than five million downloads — will be arriving on iOS in a couple weeks. 

Players are thrust into the comical, unpredictable running platformer made up of the main character’s dreaming subconscious as he avoids deadly yet imaginative obstacles to catch an enigmatic figure that holds the key to his identity. As the crazy cartoon world changes around him his mask temporarily morphs to resemble pop culture icons, everything from your favorite super hero to a classic video game figure is likely to appear. 

Awarded for its ‘high quality content and originality’, the app received a golden pass at the Global Game Stars Summit. 


  • ·         32 level across four worlds with different themes (such as an 80s arcade)
  • ·         54 collectable masks inspired by pop/gamer culture
  • ·         5 costumes with special abilities
  • ·         Cartoony characters in vibrant, dream-like worlds

The game will officially launch Wednesday, April 24 on iOS.


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