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Motor City Comic Con Celebrates 25 Years

Posted on May 25, 2014 at 6:02 am by Heather Antos


Motor City Comic Con celebrated its 25th Anniversary last weekend at the Suburban Showplace Center in Novi, Michigan. With a celebrity guest list including John Barrowman, Robert Hayes, and William Shatner – and a Comic Guest List including Chris Claremont, Skottie Young, and Mark Waid – it’s no surprise that this was their biggest year ever!


Topping their record with 40,000 guests, the con was packed! Cosplaying guests littered the aisles as retailers sold comics, statues, and other crazy nerd memorabilia. And while we weren’t able to snag any interviews with Motor City Comic Con’s elaborate guest list due to the crowds and stipulations, we did have a great time chatting with creators and fans about their love of the medium.

Katie Cassidy (Arrow, Supernatural) loved my cosplay of Black Canary and asked for a pic!

Katie Cassidy (Arrow, Supernatural) loved my cosplay of Black Canary and asked for a pic!

Overall, Motor City Comic Con did a great job of improving their image after last year’s fiasco. And while they push their celebrity panel to try and get guest in the door, the comic creators certainly didn’t suffer. What would we like to see more of next year? Creator Panels and events!

Motor City Comic Con continues to strive towards letting the world know that Michigan is not to be pushed aside! With some of the greatest local talent (Katie Cook, David Peterson, Ryan Stegman…) who’s to say that DC and Marvel won’t be putting up their own booth’s at Motor City Comic Con next year?

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