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More Details for Pikmin 3 on Wii U

Posted on April 17, 2013 at 10:24 am by Justin Cavender

Winged Pikmin in Pikmin 3

We all remember the demo for Pikmin 3 during Nintendo’s conference at E3 last year. Sure it was really cute and looked like countless hours of fun. Of course Pikmin 3 was supposed to be released during Wii U’s launch window, but that window closed in March. On the plus side, today during the Nintendo Direct broadcast, President Satoru Iwata introduced a new Winged Pikmin. Although he did admit we saw these delightful creatures during the video at E3, now we know they follow the player and can carry items in the air.

We can expect Pikmin 3 to launch in stores and the Nintendo eShop on August 4. Take a look at the box art below.

Pikmin 3

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