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More Castings Revealed for Upcoming DC Shows

Posted on February 12, 2014 at 5:53 am by Tyler Waterman

There are few topics that seem to get comic fans more riled up than character casting decisions. Whenever our favorite heroes and villains make the jump from comic page to silver screens, who gets cast as which characters never fails to polarize the comic community. We’ve seen the outrage Ben Affleck being cast as Batman caused, buried our heads while people screamed that Gal Gadot was “too skinny” to be Wonder Woman, and shook our heads while people said Jeremy Irons was “too sexy” to be Alfred… and all that is just from Superman vs. Batman alone.

However, the first major casting announcement for the upcoming Gotham series was actually welcomed warmly, as Southland‘s Ben McKenzie was universally lauded as a great pick for a young Commissioner Gordon. Last night, DC revealed four more major characters have now been cast, and once again it appears that the casting director has made all the right choices.

Robin Taylor (Another Earth), Sean Pertwee (Elementary), Zabryna Guevara (Burn Notice) and Erin Richards (Being Human) will play Oswald Cobblepot, Alfred Pennyworth, GCPD Captain Essen, and Barbara Kean, respectively.


Meet Gotham’s young Penguin, younger Alfred, current GCPD Captain and the future Mrs. Gordon (and mother of Batgirl!)

It only takes a glimpse at the headshots above to see that, if nothing else, all of these actors and actresses will have no trouble looking the part. We can also infer more information about the show from these announcements. We now know that Gordon building a relationship with his future wife will be a major plot point. Also, Alfred is described as a “tough-as-nails ex-marine” who is “fiercely protective of the young Bruce Wayne,” furthering the notion started with the casting of Irons that DC is moving towards a “tougher” Alfred, at least in films and TV.

That wasn’t the only casting news out of DC yesterday, either, though the other announcement was significantly more mysterious. John Wesley Shipp (Dawson’s Creek) has been cast for the pilot of the upcoming Arrow spinoff The Flash, but the role has not been revealed. This is particularly significant because Shipp just happens to be the former star of the 1990’s CBS series The Flash, where he also played Barry Allen, the same Flash that is the focus of the new series.


Older Barry Allen? We’ll have to wait to find out.

The best kinds of castings are the ones that make people smile, nod, and say nothing more than “I can totally see it.” The annoucment of McKenzie got exactly that reception, and it looks like these casting decisions will be getting the same treatment.

Now, if only the casting directors for DC’s television programs could share notes with the guys working on the films…

Sources: DC Comics Official Blog, The Hollywood Reporter

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