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Monster Hunter – Felyne Village – Quests Seven and Eight

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 9:54 pm by Justin Cavender

Monster Hunter Felyne Village Quests

Those of you that play Monster Hunter know what a pain in the ass those damn Felyne thieves can be. It should come as no surprise that the Felyne Village webseries has an episode dedicated to those thieving little bastards. In Quest Seven, our group of furry friends falls victim to a cat burglar that stole a fish pastry.

Next we get to see the training process for new Palicoes in Monster Hunter Felyne Quest Eight. The Hunting life is all about skill, finesse, and dedication. If you want to survive in this cruel world you’re going to need to pay attention and take this job seriously. See what happens when you do just the opposite.

Earlier today we posted another video that detailed the new Palico System found in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS. Some of the key features in the Palico System are listed below.

  • Jobs – Cooking, Mail Delivery, House Keeping, and HUNTING.
  • Customize Your Companion – name, fur color, eyes color, and even its meows.
  • Accompanies you in solo campaign or when you team up with one other hunter.
  • Collects items – Herbs, mushrooms, minerals, and insects.
  • Combat Assist – Heals, cure negative status effects, distracts smaller enemies while you face the big boys.
  • Sub-Palico – Assist you and your Ace Palico in hunting quests.

Place your bets on how long you and your Palico will survive in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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