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Mobile Game Round-Up: Scary Games for Your Halloween Pleasure

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 2:42 pm by Amanda Andonian

Looking for some mobile games to put you in the Halloween spirit? With the season of ghosts and witches less than a week away, I thought I’d do a Mobile Game Round-Up of some of the best and scariest mobile games available. Although most of these are only available on iOS, I did find a few that are on Android as well, and a bunch are also available via Steam if you’d rather not play on your phone. Enjoy!



Price: $4.99apple-icon

Probably one of the most talked about games of 2012, Limbo is also available on iOS for those who still haven’t downloaded it via console or PC. Stuck in a dark and dangerous world, you’ll play as a young boy stuck in the place between life and death, desperate to escape. Even playing the demo, I got pretty scared during Limbo, and the eerie silence punctuated by your rustling steps does nothing to help that feeling. Plus, your gory death every time you make a mistake is enough to put a chill down anyone’s spine.

The Room

Price: $1.99android-iconapple-icon

An old colleague leaves you a mysterious note, beckoning you to enter his house and make your way up to his study. Of course, it won’t be as easy as opening a door. In The Room, you have to complete a variety of puzzles in order to advance to the next floor, and even then the mystery may not be complete. In fact, it isn’t. There are a number of sequels planned, and The Room is only the first installment of a longer story. Although best enjoyed on the tablet version where you can get the full effect of its amazing art, The Room is finally available for mobile devices as well. It’s free to download from iTunes, but you’ll have to pony up the $1.99 if you want to finish the game.

Year Walk

Price: $3.99apple-icon

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk within a frightening Swedish folk tale? In Year Walk you get to have just that experience! Inspired by the Swedish tradition of Årsgång (literally translated as “year walk” into English), the game takes you on a night-time journey through the wilds in the hopes that you can survive until morning and learn a few secrets from the future about the coming year. Of course, there are monsters lurking in the night, and you definitely don’t want to get caught! With a spooky atmosphere and disturbing transitions between 2D and 3D, Year Walk will no doubt leave you looking at the dark night in a whole new way.

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler

Price: $1.99android-iconapple-icon

Giving a new take on match-3 gameplay, Containment: The Zombie Puzzler takes the oncoming encroachment of a zombie infection and turns it into a delightful puzzle! Unlike most of the boring match-3 iterations out there, though, Containment actually incorporates a whole different kind of gameplay and bends it towards the destruction of the undead. Surround zombies with different types of units in order to wipe them off the game board, face off against bosses, and take on the campaign mode to conquer over a hundred different stages. Containment is definitely well worth your $1.99.


The 7th Guest

Price: $4.99apple-icon

Remember this terrifying PC puzzler? Damn did it give me nightmares, and I was just watching other people play it! Now that The 7th Guest is available on iOS, you can relive the terror of your childhood. It may be a blast from the past, but some if it still lives up to my memory of a horrifying haunted house with no escape. While it’s only available for Mac, PC, and iOS right now, Trilobyte Games is reportedly working on an Android version even as we speak.



Price: $2.99apple-icon

Waking up alone in a dark house that isn’t yours, Home is an atmospheric horror game that really requires a mind open to storytelling experiences. Yes, I did recently rail against a game that spent too much time telling its story and not enough time letting me play a game, but Home doesn’t cost $60 and it won’t take up 10 hours of your life. Instead, you experience a unique story that’s informed by the choices you make, and it’ll only cost you a few dollars and an hour or two of your time. Or you could wait until it goes on sale in the App Store. Either way, Home is a perfectly creepy platformer that’s best served by turning off the lights and letting yourself be swept away by the story.


Into the Dead

Price: Freeandroid-iconapple-icon

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse (again)! Into the Dead is a survival action horror game where you have to run and gun in order to save your life. With frightening art direction and design, it’s definitely enough to leave you afraid for your life. The game is free, but you can purchase in-game currency and upgrades to help you along in your journey as you play against friends and foe alike in the apocalyptic future. If you can’t get enough of zombie survival games, then this is definitely one you should pick up.



Price: $2.99apple-icon

Awakening in an unknown land with the void creeping in on you, it’s your mission to escape back into the world of the living. Without memory of how you got there, you’ll have to solve a number of mind-bending puzzles to get to the bottom of what you are and where you belong. With creepy visuals and increasingly frustrating puzzles, Nihilumbra has a ton of replay value for those who love a challenge, not only in puzzles but also in unweaving the mysterious origins of your character. It’s not a perfect game—there were definitely moments when I was incredibly frustrated with the mechanics while trying to solve the puzzles—but it’s still worth the $2.99 price tag in terms of entertainment value.

Do you have any favorite scary mobile games? Share them with us in the comments!

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