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Mobile Game Round-Up: Battle Dragons, GRAVITY, Heavy Metal Heroes

Posted on October 13, 2013 at 6:11 pm by Amanda Andonian

I often find myself on the go, sorely in need of entertainment, so I play a lot of mobile games to pass the time. Luckily, we get a lot of emails from developers asking us to check out their latest game, filling my hours with on-the-go fun. Since there are so many games coming out every week, here’s a small mobile game round-up of the latest to hit the Apple Store and Google Play. Not all games are cross-platform, though, so we’ve included handy icons next to the price of each game to let you know whether it’s available for your device.


Battle Dragons

Price: Freeandroid-iconapple-icon
Developed by Spacetime Games, the creators of Arcane LegendsBattle Dragons is a real-time strategy game where you build a camp, gather resources, and train dragons to battle and protect you and your tribe. Whether you play alone, with friends, or with people across the globe, the sole aim of Battle Dragons is to build your dragon empire as much as possible.

Of course, RTS games are never without the grind, and that’s especially true for Battle Dragons. Although upgrading your buildings and winning a few battles here and there is relatively easy in the beginning, it fast becomes increasingly time consuming to get anything done. Don’t have enough dragons to take on that enemy camp? Then you better upgrade your camp! Wait, you don’t have enough sheep to upgrade it? Better upgrade your sheep pen first so that it’ll produce more sheep!

Although there are achievements and a story mode, there’s not much in the way of helping you along in building your resources and strength. If you join a tribe, you can at least request troops to assist you in battles, but that really all depends upon the kindness of strangers. Like most free-to-play mobile games, Battle Dragons reels you in and then tempts you with in-app purchases. While you can easily “buy” more sheep and gold with pearls, you only acquire pearls by completing achievements, purchasing them, or by completing online offers (surprisingly enough). Most of the offers only require that you download another app and open it in exchange for 50-100 pearls.

Overall, Battle Dragons is a mellow game that doesn’t really require attention so much as time. The graphics could be better, but it’s about building resources, not playing a slick-looking game. If you’re patient enough and keep at it, Battle Dragons will definitely yield great results for you.

Presentation: 7

Gameplay: 6

Replay Value: 9

Legacy Score: 7.3



Price: Freeandroid-iconapple-icon

Inspired by the recent film release of GravityGRAVITY: DON’T LET GO is a mission-based space game where you put yourself in the suit of Sandra Bullock’s character, trying to save yourself and the International Space Station from imminent doom after an accident during your space walk. You’ll go through a series of missions to right yourself, rescue your partner, and save the ISS.

Although the game is pretty short (only four missions in total), it does give a good sense of the difficulty of moving about in space. Well, as much as it can considering you’re safe on your couch. Learning how to control the suit can be pretty tough; but I found that once I got the hang of it, it was really a matter of patience and finesse from then on out. I was actually a little disappointed when the missions were over, so hopefully there will be additional updates in the future with more single player missions.

In addition to the single player, there’s also a multiplayer mode where you can team up with up to 10 people who are also connected online, working together to fix various parts of the station. When I attempted the multiplayer mode, though, there didn’t seem to be any way for me to participate as I didn’t have my own character to manipulate. Since there are no instructions on how the multiplayer mode works, I couldn’t tell if there was something else I needed to do, or if perhaps there’s a bug in the game.

Presentation: 9

Gameplay: 10

Replay Value: 6

Legacy Score: 8.3


Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes

Price: $2.99apple-icon

Taking its inspiration from the comic book series, Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes takes dark fantasy, heavy metal music, and an endless battle with the minions hell and turns it into a game worthy of the rock gods. Your character remains fixed at one end of the screen, leaving it to you to swing your guitar up or down, using it as a weapon against the spawn of Hell. Survive long enough and you’ll find yourself actually battling the demons in Hell, with only your trusty guitar to keep the monsters at bay.

The music is fun, the art design is awesome, and the mechanics are easy as pie to get a handle on, but after a few run-throughs against demons, I found myself growing increasingly bored. Although there are power-ups and a few different ways to hit the oncoming demon hordes, I felt like there wasn’t much in terms of actual gameplay. Swinging the guitar is the only control you have over your character, and that loses its novelty rather quickly. On top of that, it’s incredibly easy to make a mistake, and every hit by the demons brings you closer to death. Boss battles break up the monotony, but you have to make it that far, first.

At the end of the day, the game feels mostly like promotion for the comics rather than a fully formed gaming experience in and of itself. Something feels lacking from the actual gameplay, which makes its $2.99 price tag a little hard to swallow. It’s a gorgeous game with really fun music, but I’m hoping for future updates that add a bit more the playability.

Presentation: 10

Gameplay: 5

Replay Value: 4

Legacy Score: 6.3

Geek Legacy’s review scores are on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest possible score.

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    • fake_brasilian

      I’m really surprised that the Gravity game is something to check out, since it’s a movie-license title, right?

      • Yep, it is. Since it’s also free, I feel like there’s nothing to lose in downloading and playing it. I definitely got a solid 20 minutes or so of enjoyment out of it.

        If the multiplayer worked, I’d say the replayability would be higher, but it didn’t seem to be functioning properly as far as I could tell.

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