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Minecraft: Story Mode Announced

Posted on December 18, 2014 at 1:48 pm by Stephen Janes

Minecraft_Story mode

Telltale Games have partnered with Minecraft developer Mojang for Minecraft: Story Mode. The game will be a narrative driven, episodic game taking place within the Minecraft universe.

Instead of allowing the player to freely explore or play the game as they see fit, Telltale will instead be guiding the player through a story that is driven by the player. Minecraft: Story Mode will feature original characters, storylines and more, but won’t be an official story for Steve, the default main character in Minecraft. This means it will be a stand-alone product from Minecraft entirely.

Telltale and Mojang teaming up to make a game easily sounds like an intriguing idea. Mojang created a game with no ceiling and direction, while Telltale continues to weave fantastic storytelling with linear gameplay. Both have a great track record when it comes to creating a successful product, so there should not be any reason to doubt this one.

It will be interesting to see how much of Minecraft actually shows up in this game. For example, will I still be able to freely search for resources and new biomes, or will the game point me in the direction of said discoveries? Mojang and Telltale are working to make the game feel as much like Minecraft as possible, but how much of that charm will be taken away with the story aspect?

I’m a big fan of both Mojang and Telltale, so I’d love to hear more about what this game has to offer. As mentioned, part of the charm of Minecraft is the ability to create your own fun, whether it be building, hunting for resources, spelunking, farming, exploring or whatever else you can conceive. Telltale has also been able to create episodic content out of the Borderlands franchise, so narrowing a games’ freedom scale isn’t exactly new.

Minecraft: Story Mode is still in development and is scheduled to be released digitally in 2015. You can expect to see this game on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. There is no word yet on how many episodes will be released in total. You can also play a fun little informative game called Info Quest II if you’d like to learn more about this collaborative effort.

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