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Microsoft Changes Stance on Xbox One DRM

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 3:43 pm by Stephen Janes

Last week’s whining and complaints of the Xbox One DRM is this week’s silliness as Microsoft has done away with their used game DRM and always-online policies. The Xbox One was originally going to block used games, have region locking, require an Internet connection to operate and have discs install your game onto the hard drive. All of the features we spent time complaining about and saying will bury the Xbox One have been reversed, despite the fact that Microsoft was so adamant about their stance just a couple of days ago. Now is the time for gamers to relax, let out a sigh of relief and wonder…

…what were they thinking in the first place, exactly?

I really am appreciative of these features, or change in original features. The always-online requirement and restrictions with used games were the biggest anti-selling point for me and other gamers as well. Microsoft is claiming that they listened to their concerned fans and made the decision based on what the consumer wanted. By that logic, who exactly thought the DRM was necessary in the first place? When having the original production meetings for the Xbox One, didn’t somebody stand up and say this was a bad idea to begin with?

Just a few days ago, Microsoft flat out told its fan base, “if you don’t like the DRM on the new Xbox, then maybe you should just buy an Xbox 360.” The proverbial slap in the face sent everybody into rage mode rightfully so. Microsoft was so keen that they were doing the right thing just a couple of days ago and furthermore, this is a company that stands by their product regardless of outcry. Remember their consistent support and promotion of Windows Vista? The Zune? Internet Explorer?

During the announcement of the news, I kept a close eye on my twitter feed. It was fairly humorous to see how many people, who denounced Microsoft a week ago, had a change of tune at the announcement. Many of my friends were now declaring the Xbox One was on their pre-order list immediately following the news, while some were still upset and hurt by the decision in the first place. Microsoft did a commendable job at fixing this problem and “listening to the customers,” but everybody is acting as though this was announced at the time of the Xbox One reveal. I’d also like to know how Microsoft higher-ups really feel about this change; did they realize they made the wrong decision and had to correct themselves or are they upset with the public reaction and still feel like they did the right thing?

Xbox 180_Twitter

One of my friends was quite poetic when it came to Microsoft’s turnaround.

It was also fun to watch people’s reaction upon hearing the removal of some of the better features on the Xbox One. Originally, Microsoft promised gamers that wherever their accounts went, their games went with them thanks to the power of the cloud. Regardless if the game was installed via retail disc or online, your entire game library could travel with you and be shared with up to nine people on your friends list as well. These features had to be removed from the Xbox One as there is no need to share games online when you can just let a friend borrow the physical disc to play a game. Arguably the best feature of the Xbox One was eliminated by the reversal of perhaps the worst feature. Cruel irony, isn’t it?

The change in heart will definitely win many gamers over. It looks like pre-orders are picking up and popularity is soaring. Microsoft will undoubtedly try and remind us every day that they listen to their consumers and adjust accordingly, while I’m sure Sony will try the, “we knew what you wanted from the start” push. I do have a changed opinion on the Xbox One now, but their “screw you we do what we want” first-attitude wasn’t favorable under any means.

What do you Geeks think? Too little too late for Microsoft? Has your opinion changed like Microsoft’s has? Should we complain and petition to have the Xbox One renamed to the Xbox 180?

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    • Carlos

      No need to petition. Let’s just call it the X Box 180, I hope the name sticks! XD

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