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Mega Man Returning to Consoles?

Posted on November 14, 2012 at 1:24 pm by Stephen Janes

It has been over two years since we’ve seen Megan Man hit consoles. The last installment, Mega Man 10, was released on the PSN, Xbox Live and Wii Ware and featured a classic nod to the old 8-bit Nintendo era with its retro graphics and music. This game was vintage Blue Bomber; it was fast paced, exciting and above all else, difficult. With a successful franchise like Mega Man you would think that developer Capcom would be interested in continuing a sure profit and release various sequels over the years, but instead we get visual garbage like Resident Evil 6.

However, it appears that is about to change. A recent interview with Capcom suggests that Mega Man will be making a return to consoles and handhelds alike in the future. These releases will be actual entries into the canon series and not just spin-offs, thankfully. What I find interesting is how there is nothing about Mega Man’s twenty-fifth anniversary, which would have been a perfect time to announce a new game or at least tease something. I suppose this interview will have to do for now.

What do you Geeks think? Are you excited at the prospect of a new Mega Man game? I personally cannot wait, although I might need to buy some controller insurance before I actually get this proposed new game.

Mega Man 10 was the most recent canon title in the Mega Man universe, although Rockman Xover was the most recent game to date. Don’t waste your time, play Mega Man 2 instead.

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