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Marvel’s “Inhumanity” Raises Many Questions

Posted on July 11, 2013 at 8:25 am by Tyler Waterman

Infinity isn’t even here yet, and we’re already talking about the next big thing. According to Entertainment Weekly, the next event to hit the Marvel Universe will be Inhumanity, and as usual, nothing will be the same.

Apparently, after the events of Infinity, the Earth is covered in the Terrigen Mists, which has been protected for eons by the Inhumans. The Mists unlock any potential power you may have if you’re descended from an Inhuman, and their spreading across the planet is going to unlock a massive number of new powered humans, though the results may vary. ““You might learn that your new self is fantastic, beautiful, filled with immense power,” says Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso. “By the same token, you could turn around and find out that you’re nothing. You’re a blob. You have no powers. You can create a little flame out of your pinkie.”

The event will also see a new Inhumans comic, and while the artist hasn’t been unveiled, it will be written by superscribe Matt Fraction. So far the only info we’ve seen is some teaser bits, mostly stressing that this will “change everything” and that this is a chance for Marvel to re-focus it’s attention on the dynamic of super-powered beings and how they can be alienated and hated, or revered and worshipped. (Weren’t we already doing that with the X-Men?)

The real questions come from the teaser image. Is that a new Wolverine, or just (another) new Wolverine costume? What’s the deal with Spider-Man being in a normal costume again? How is Angela involved in this? And is that Nightcrawler?! More information will surely be coming, but for now, the comic world is intrigued and utterly confused. Or, at least I am.

Source: Entertainment Weekly




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