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Marvel Studios President discusses AVENGERS 2 and DR. STRANGE.

Posted on March 6, 2013 at 1:36 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently discussed Phase Two and Phase Three of the upcoming Marvel films. First, he talked about how Phase Two and The Avengers 2 will be about taking these characters deeper.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, Feige says

“Almost whatever the heck else is happening is gravy in that franchise, because all I care about is Bruce and Tony, Tony and Steve, Widow and Bruce – and how Thor fits into it, because he’s always the outsider amongst outsiders. So I think that’s where the value lies. And going deeper amongst those characters in those relationships.”

Sounds like they plan to use the same team in The Avengers sequel. However, we might be seeing some new members on the team as well. Continuing on about The Avengers 2, Feige tells SFX that they like how the comics don’t simply have one set team of Avengers and how they might like to play with that idea when the next film installment comes around:

“I think it’s not a secret that Joss and I and all of us at Marvel think that part of the fun of Avengers is the rotating team, for sure [laughs].”

Past The Avengers 2, audiences will want to keep an eye out for Doctor Strange. Feige clarifies that just as Phase Two isn’t entirely about the cosmic, Phase Three isn’t entirely about magic (which is fairly obvious since Phase Three kicks off with Ant-Man, a scientist):

“I’m not looking at Phase One as grounded and Phase Two as cosmic and Phase 3 as magic. The films are all so eclectic and different from each other that you can’t overarchingly categorize them like that. If and when we enter the magic arena, it will be through Doctor Strange. Sure, obviously. And that’s to me what’s exciting about Doctor Strange.”

By the time we finally get around to Doctor Strange (2016 at the earliest), audiences will probably have seen so much from the Marvel Universe that magic should be no big deal as long the film is sure to establish the boundaries of the Sorcerer Supreme’s abilities.

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