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Marvel Slowly Revealing New “Mighty” Team

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 8:26 am by Tyler Waterman

In the upcoming¬†Infinity¬†event from Marvel Comics, it’s been made very clear that the Avengers will be off in space dealing with the threat of the Builders, but Earth isn’t going to be spared in the conflict. If Earth’s Mightiest Heroes aren’t on Earth, who will defend us here at home?

Enter a new “Mighty” team, which Marvel is slowly parting the curtains on as the week progresses with this updating image. So far, Luke Cage and Spider-Man have been revealed as two members of this squad that will make sure there is an Earth for the Avengers to come back. Even better, looking at the image through the Marvel AR app shows introductory videos explaining why each of those characters are involved. So far, it’s been explained that Luke is coming off the bench (he recently quit the Avengers to be with his family) because he’s the only person who can tie a motley crew together to be the Avengers while the Avengers are gone. Conversely, Spider-Man is on the team because this new, darker Doc Ock Spider-Man owns New York, and won’t let any interstellar threat take it from him.

Who else is going to make up this new Mighty crew? Keep checking back to find out!



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