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Marvel Rings In the New Year with “All-New Marvel NOW”

Posted on September 12, 2013 at 12:01 am by Tyler Waterman

Even the most cynical comic fans can’t deny that the Marvel NOW initiative was a massive success for Marvel Comics. Between the new titles like Nova, Thor God of Thunder and Thunderbolts that changed how we looked at classic characters, books like All-New X-Men that took a bold new direction never seen before, or the reimagining of Marvel stalwarts like Avengers, New Avengers and Uncanny X-Men, the NOW movement was a breath of fresh air for the brand that didn’t alienate fans the way a full reboot often does.

But if you thought the NOW initiative was just going to rest on its laurels, think again. Marvel has unveiled that NOW has just begun, and as 2014 begins, so too does the second wave of Marvel NOW. The second wave looks to be a combination of new titles, along with new directions for existing books, indicated by a “.NOW” designation after their issue number.

The new books announced so far sound fantastic. First, one of the first and greatest teams in the history of the Marvel U makes a triumphant return in All-New Invaders, which brings Captain America, Namor, Bucky and the Human Torch back together again. Eisner Award-Winning writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh bring back WWII’s best fighting force, but this time they aren’t punching Nazis. The Kree Empire is weaponizing Norse gods, and the Invaders head for space to put an end to this practice. That creative team combined with one of Marvel’s most revered teams is a must-buy when it comes out this January.


Another new title coming from the All-New Marvel NOW is one we knew was coming, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Matt Fraction and Joe Maduiera bring us Inhuman, which finally brings King Black Bolt and his secret society of Inhumans into the spotlight, unable to stay hidden any longer as more and more Inhumans begin to appear. Will the Inhumans rally these new members into a force for good, or will they find themselves fighting a force they themselves created? We’ll find out when 2014 begins, and this looks like another sure-fire hit.


The first example we have of existing Marvel NOW titles that are getting the .NOW treatment is, of course, Avengers. Beginning in December with Avengers #24.NOW, we see first hand one of the new approaches coming in the All-New Marvel NOW. While a big emphasis is being placed on the introduction of new titles, existing books that get the .NOW treatment will be perfect jumping-on points for new fans, starting new stories that carry their own #1 designation. For Avengers, that tale will be Rogue Planet, in which a planet is hurtling towards Earth, and the Avengers are the only ones who can stop it. As you can see from the cover below, the #1 designation is prominent in the design, and it seems safe to assume the other .NOW titles will carry the same design, to indicate the beginning of big new things for both new fans and current fans alike.


This is only the first look we’ve gotten at the All-New Marvel NOW, and frankly, it’s amazing. With new titles and new approaches for the current books, it looks as though 2014 will have the same fresh new feel as 2013 did for Marvel, which only means more success for the brand. With Marvel NOW, Marvel has found the very best approach to refreshing their brand without scrapping everything and starting over, and it looks as though they’ve only just begun. Here’s looking forward to another year of big new things from the House that Stan Lee built!


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