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Marvel Heroes Founders Program Available Now

Posted on January 9, 2013 at 4:11 pm by Justin Cavender

The free-to-play MMO action RPG, Marvel Heroes, has introduced a Founders Program, allowing players early access and the ability to select their favorite hero right from the start. Additionally, players will also receive alternate costumes, in-game currency, experience/item find boost, and forum titles.

Marvel Heroes Pack

There are three types of packs for Marvel fans to choose from with a wide range in price. The Starter Pack will run $20, and gives players the option to choose 1 of 16  heroes to start the game with. The Premium Pack costs $60, and players must choose 1 of 7 bundles which include 4 heroes. Finally the Ultimate Pack runs a whopping $200 but comes with all kinds of goodies including all heroes and costumes. For more details click on the picture above or visit the Marvel Heroes page.

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and there are currently no plans for a subscription service. Players may purchase specific heroes whenever they like, but it’s quite possible to obtain them through random loot drops. If you didn’t purchase a hero through the Founders Program, you will be able to play as Daredevil, Storm, Thing, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye at the start of the game.

I played Marvel Heroes at PAX last year and had an awesome time destroying everything in my path. I remember struggling a bit as the Hulk, mainly from ranged mobs shooting the crap out of me. When I made the switch to Iron Man I barely took any damage at all and sailed through the first few missions. I’m sure a lot has changed since PAX and I can’t wait to get my Hulk smash back on. RAWR!

Currently there is no release date but according to their website, Marvel Heroes will be available for PC this Spring.

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