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Marvel Asks “Are You Inhuman?”

Posted on September 7, 2013 at 11:55 am by Joe Blakeslee

It’s starting to look like the Mutants might finally catch a break and become the SECOND most hated and feared community in the Marvel Universe.

We already knew that in the wake of Marvel’s current Infinity event the earth would be dramatically changed by the sudden introduction of Terrigen Mist to the population. But just how everyone would react to such a change remained to be seen.

Well, from the looks of the recent promo images released by Marvel, it’s probably not going to go over very well. Propaganda and fear mongering are pretty much the status quo when people start randomly developing superpowers, and quotes like “Get Tested.” and “See Something? Say Something.” do not really paint a picture of acceptance.

The catalyst of the event looks to be Infinity #3 which will be out on Sept. 18th. Inhumanity itself will start in December.









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