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Marvel #1 Demand Too Much for Comixology

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 12:28 pm by Tyler Waterman

When Marvel announced at SXSW that it was offering 700 #1 issues for free through its digital storefront, everyone expected that demand to be high. However, the actual response appears to have exceeded that expectation.

Users have encountered interruptions and loss of service when attempting to utilize the service that is powered by Comixology, the largest digital comics provider and one of the pioneers of the industry. The problem has raised issues about the service’s reliance on cloud technology. While the idea of being able to access your comics from any compatible device is ideal, being unable to access what you’ve bought because of service issues certainly sours the experience.

Comixology has paused the free offer for now, taking email addresses in the meantime to reach out to customers who were interested in the promotion at a later date. There is a silver lining to the scenario; as a comic fan, it’s great to see the demand for access to digital comics has reached such a level, when once critics insisted it could never thrive at all. However, it would have been even sweeter to have been able to report the demand without the related problems. Comixology is confident they’ll be able to resolve the issue soon, so keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss your chance to cash in on free comics!

Source: The Register




    • Kstoltz

      That was too bad, but it's a live and learn moment for them, and hopefully they'll be able to do better on it next time. That said, I was able to get about 20 books, and I ended up buying all of Hickman's SHIELD miniseries as a result.

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