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Makeup For the Geeky Set – Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter

Posted on August 21, 2013 at 8:43 pm by Amanda Andonian

If you’ve been wanting nail art that’s tailored to your specific nerd needs, then you’re in luck. Espionage Cosmetics is having a Kickstarter to launch a line of geeky nail wraps for every type of nerd. Do you like Doctor Who? Or TMNT? Or Firefly??? Then they have something for you. Check it out:


I’m a fan of nail wraps since they’re so much quicker than actual nail polish and they look pretty rad when you’re done. Just a $15 pledge will get you a nail wrap of your choice, and there’s plenty to choose from. That may seem like a lot, but standard nail wraps usually cost around $12 anyway. If paying a bit extra for a more customized look is something you’re into, then definitely check out the Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter.

Like every good Kickstarter these days, there’s plenty of tiers when it comes to pledges, and Espionage has already met their initial goal and beyond. Assuming they unlock more levels, you might even feel compelled to pledge more just so you can try out several options. Go check it out!

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