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Looking for a Candy Crush Alternative? Look no Further, for Hardest Game Ever 2 is Here!

Posted on May 23, 2013 at 10:24 am by JESSIE

Tired of hearing about Candy Crush this, and Candy Crush that? Well, even if you aren’t , that shouldn’t stop you from trying out a new game that’s just as fun and just as addictive. It sure didn’t stop me, because I’ll admit, I still play Candy Crush religiously.

As addicted as I am to Candy Crush though, I’m still always on the prowl for a new, top-notch game to immerse myself in for hours. After doing some “research,” as I like to call it, and by research I mean test-playing multiple games from Google Play’s Android Apps Store, I’m happy to announce that I’ve found The One. So what qualifies a mobile game as “The One” you may ask? Well, according to the official standards created and developed by Jessie’s Brain Inc., in order for a game to qualify as “The One,” it must be addicting, it must contain clear cut objectives, and the game should be relatively simple, yet challenging. And before you ask, no–“The One” need not choose between a red or blue pill, nor is it required to save Morpheus.

So, this game. This awesome, wonderful, and marvelously addicting game shall now be revealed. The name of this gem is…

Hardest Game Ever 2

I like to call it Hardest Game Ever DUEX. Because I'm fancy like that.

I like to call it Hardest Game Ever DUEX. Because I’m fancy like that.

Available for both Androids and iPhones, Hardest Game Ever 2 is comprised of a multitude of mini games that are simple to understand, but extremely hard to pass. One mistake in every mini game results in an automatic fail, but don’t worry, you are allowed as many tries as you wish. Every time you successfully complete a mini game, your performance will be graded on a scale from S to F, with S being the highest. This grading scale may seem very weird, but bear with me as I try and explain. The scale looks like this: S, A, B, C, D, E, F. So, think of “S” as the equivalent of “Super Duper” or “A++”. To officially pass a mini game, you must earn an S, the best grade possible. In order to unlock new mini games and move on to harder levels, you must earn a certain amount of S’s. So there’s your incentive for earning as many S’s as you possibly can. And trust me, it’s damn challenging. But fun!

As an athlete, having played tennis at the collegiate level, I pride myself on my ability to react quickly with accuracy, which is what Hardest Game Ever 2 is all about! While it’s one thing to be able to complete a mini game without making any mistakes, it’s another thing to be able to do so under time pressure. For example, one of the mini games requires you to pay close attention to multiple rounds of the age-old game Rock, Paper, Scissors. For each round, you must correctly tap the button that indicates whether the left side won, the right side won, or whether it was a draw. Now, this doesn’t seem to be a challenging task at all, does it? And you’re right, the rules and objective of this game are quite simple. The challenging aspect reveals itself when you realize that you are under a time crunch, and that your grade is directly dependent on how fast you are able to complete the mini game. In other words, you are graded on how quickly you are able to react and choose the correct answer, given the visual information presented to you for each round.  Throw in the fact that one wrong answer results in an automatic fail, and there’s no doubt that the pressure will be on baby.

In closing, I’d like to give a huge shout out to Orangenose Studios for creating this game. They’re awesome, and you as a reader are awesome for taking the time to read this far into this post. So since you’re awesome, and Orangenose Studios is awesome–which by some sort of axiom or property should make Hardest Game Ever 2 awesome as well–you should be compelled to at least give this game a try! And did I mention it’s FREE?


Jessie’s Rating: 9/10

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