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Legends of Tomorrow Ep 6: ONE-ARMED GREEN ARROW

Posted on March 3, 2016 at 11:55 am by Gerardo Gallegos



When we last left off on Legends of Tomorrow, our heroes were making a crash landing due to the tampering of the bounty hunter, Kronos. They land somewhere familiar yet different and our setting for the episode makes our heroes think whether the future is actually set in stone.

The episode starts with the gang exploring their surroundings after the crash landing. It is revealed by White Canary that they are in Star City, but everything is different. The city is now a shell of its former self with looted buildings and burning cars set about. It’s like Star City went to war and it lost, big time. It is also revealed that they are not in the present by Ray Palmer pointing out an old Palmer Tech building that has been remolded to read SMOAK. The building most likely now belongs to the greatest hacker in the DC universe and lover to Green Arrow, Felicity Smoak. And Rip Hunter informs everyone that the year they landed in is 2046. But, before everyone can take in the wrecked remains of their future city, they are greeted by a hooded figure.

green arrow 1The man in the hood warns them not move lest they be at the wrong end of several explosive tipped arrows. Ray Palmer calls out to him by name, “Hey, Oliver, look. I know its been a long time.” The camera zooms in and the lighting becomes much brighter to reveal that the man in the hood is wearing a similar costume to the Green Arrow only that this Green Arrow is African-American and that he has no idea who they are. He then proceeds to fire a warning arrow at them and Mick Rory (Heat Wave) fires back with a blast from his Heat Gun. After a volley of arrows and heat and cold blast, the group makes it back to the ship and ask Rip Hunter for an explanation. Rip explains to the the future is in flux but that this can all changed. He also warns them that it is dangerous to know too much about their futures because the outcome they hate could very well come about due to them trying to prevent it.

After talk of repairs that need to be made to the ship, we get Leonard Snart (Captain Cold), Heat Wave, and White Canary going out into future Star City to steal a piece of technology that will make the ship’s artificial intelligence, Gideon, preform at full capacity. We jump outside of the ship to an amusing scene of Heat Wave wondering if there would be any consequences if he killed someone in this timeline. Rip informs him that it’s best he didn’t so as to avoid creating a paradox, but Heat Wave tells Rip that he is making no promises on not killing anyone. We them jump back to the ship to Ray and Kendra (Hawk Girl) welding a part of the ship and engaging in some light flirting. They don’t realize that they are an open channel and that Professor Stein and Jefferson Jackson (One Half of Firestorm) can hear everything they are saying. After Professor Stein snaps at them he wonders why, “why am I getting so upset?” until he puts the pieces together and shoots Jackson an accusing look. Being that both Stein and Jackson are the two halves of Firestorm and share a psychic connection, Stein knows that Jackson is bothered by their flirting. We are treated to a little endearing speech about “confidence” from Professor Stein.

Cut back to our crew on the outside and they are thrust right in the middle of a Green Arrow vs. Motorcycle Gang battlefield. White Canary and Rip run off after an injured Green Arrow and Heat Wave and Captain Cold take care ofdeathstroke a couple of gang members and proceed to become the new leaders of the gang. White Canary catches up to Green Arrow and he informs her that Oliver Queen is dead. We are then introduced to the person who has sent Star City to hell, Deathstroke 2.0. Our heroes escape the new Deathstroke and head for Oliver Queen’s old hideout to find the needed piece of technology. Cut to, Mick and Snart becoming the new leaders of the motorcycle gang. Mick doesn’t want to leave and return to their mission because he can be a king in this timeline, but Snart isn’t comfortable with Mick’s new found friends. Rip, White Canary, and the Green Arrow arrive at the wrecked lair of Oliver Queen and while looking around they are confronted by a one-armed and white bearded Oliver Queen!

Oliver confronts his replacement and the new Green Arrow reveals that he is John Diggle Jr., son of John Diggle, but he now goes by Connor Hawke and the Green Arrow because he couldn’t save his father so he felt unworthy of the Diggle name. Oliver informs them that everyone they knew and loved is gone and then he tells them the whereabouts of Felicity’s projects. Rip recovers the device, but then they are ambushed by a group of Deathstroke’s minions and Connor is taken.

After some team infighting, White Canary decides to rescue Connor along with the help of the original Green Arrow. IMG_6141We cut to Deathstroke about to execute Connor  when White Canary distracts Deathstroke and Oliver Queen shows up with a brand new mechanical arm. The rest of the team shows up behind Oliver and we are treated to an all out war between our heroes and a futurist gang of killers led by Deathstroke. Deathstroke is knocked unconscious by our one armed archer and his gang is fended off. With this victory, Connor and Oliver decide to work together and take back Star City.

To end the episode, our heroes ship is finally repaired and we are left with Mick somberly looking at the city that he grew fond of. Legends of Tomorrow is in this weird area of the DC TV universe where it is still trying to separate it’s self from Arrow and the Flash while giving us comic book action and the character development that drew us to those shows in the first place. There are areas in the episode where you find characters dwelling on a setting that we are repeatably told can be changed. We get a lot of Snart and Mick action, their campy chemistry is one of the best things of the series. All in all, “Star City 2046″is a well rounded episode that gives us stuff we already like, but not much more. What did you guys think? One-armed Green Arrow cool?

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