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Latest News From the Suicide Squad Movie

Posted on July 1, 2016 at 11:32 am by Geek Legacy

Suicide Squad Group Photo

With little over one month until the Suicide Squad movie lands in our multiplexes, there’s already been an incredible amount of hype brewing on the internet for what could be the biggest cinematic hit of the summer.

There’s certainly a lot at stake for the DC Comics project as the movie is already rumored to have a budget of over $250 million. And in order to not have another superhero turkey like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on their hands, it’s thought that Warner Bros will be pulling out all stops to ensure box-office success.

Already there’s been evidence shown that the company are throwing a lot of weight behind this project by getting the rising star David Ayer to write and direct the first Suicide Squad film that focuses upon the exploits of a team of supervillains as they attempt to save the planet in return for their freedom.

However as the movie boasts a large ensemble cast of big-name actors, there’s been more than a few stories that suggest there might have been a few egos bruised in the making of the Suicide Squad movie.

As well as Jared Leto managing to become the ridicule of Hollywood thanks to his method-acting exploits, we also saw Tom Hardy leaving the shoot – probably as a result of Will Smith and Jared Leto hogging the screen-time.

But what’s really sparked intrigue regarding the Suicide Squeeze movie is the fact that Ben Affleck’s Batman could be making an appearance. It would definitely be a welcome move for Affleck who frequently looked uncomfortable in the interviews for the Batman V Superman film. The star has also recently been spending possibly too much time at the blackjack tables, but if you’ve heard of Harry Kakavas and his ridiculous gambling exploits that were outlined at the Lucky Nugget Casino blog, then you’ll realise that Affleck has had significantly more success at the casinos!

Interestingly, it’s not just Affleck who’s courted casino culture, as fellow Suicide Squad star Will Smith did more than his fair share of gambling in last year’s Focus movie. Whereas cover star Margot Robbie is set to feature in the upcoming Dangerous Odds movie that investigates the world of sports-betting in a way that makes being a member of Suicide Squad look almost relaxing!

And with a Suicide Squad soundtrack album already announced, it looks like we’ll soon be enjoying many online games, TV spin-offs and weird cosplay events that will celebrate this massively ambitious movie!

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