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Laptops vs. PC’s: Which is the better Solution for your home?

Posted on May 19, 2015 at 9:59 am by Geek Legacy


The battle between laptops and PC’s has raged for two decades, although it appeared at the turn of the century as though the former has won this particular war. The desktop format has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent times, however, thanks primarily to its renewed popularity as a gaming format. Choosing between the two has therefore never been more challenging for consumers, even accounting for personal tastes and the impact of individual preferences.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three criteria for these devices and which is superior for your needs:

Energy Efficiency

In laymen’s terms, laptops are on average 85% more energy efficient than desktop computers. This means that choosing a laptop over a desktop pc could save you up to £17 per year, which is no small consideration when you consider that both devices essentially serve the same purpose. Whether you are attempting to live on a budget or simply want to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that your household is responsible for, choosing a laptop may represent the ideal path to follow.

The Quality of Performance

This is where the waters become a little muddied, as desktop computers tend to have advanced processors and deliver greater performance as a result. For professional users or avid gamers this is a huge boon, as they need a piece of equipment that they are able to use continuously and for multiple tasks simultaneously. If they invest in a product that cannot handle having multiple applications and programs open at any given time, they will soon become frustrated and regret their decision. For this demographic, modern desktops remain the best and most suitable solution.

Flexibility and Purpose

This could well be considered to be the decisive factor, although both PC’s and laptops offer flexibility to users through various methods. While laptops are portable and can comfortably be transported from one place to another, for example, desktops usually offer access to a wider range of applications and tools (especially when you consider gaming titles). PC’s also rely on mains power rather than battery charge, so there is little risk of them losing power at inopportune moments. Ultimately you will need to make a decision based on your interpretation of flexibility, and select a device that suits your usage, lifestyle and personal tastes.

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