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Knox, Gotham’s Other Hero

Posted on July 8, 2012 at 12:35 am by Justin Cavender

What does it mean to be a hero? Maybe it means to preform a selfless act protecting others. Perhaps a hero is someone who rises up to the occasion, against all odds, when no one else would or could. I really don’t think it’s a term that should be tossed around lightly. To become a hero, a person must have courage. They must possess the strength to stand up for what they believe in, even when others do not.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some heroes wear costumes with a cape and/or a mask. While other heroes are just normal people. They wake up one morning not knowing they would be put in a situation, and do something extraordinary. Alexander Knox falls into the latter category.

Now, I know some of you may be asking yourself, “Who the heck is Alexander Knox?” He is the reporter for the Gotham Globe, played by Robert Wuhl, in the 1989 Batman Film. Knox works tirelessly to prove that Batman exists. Convinced there is a 6ft bat in Gotham City, Knox investigates a crime scene, only to be stonewalled by Lt. Eckhardt. The police, along with his colleagues, insist he’s being foolish for chasing down such a story. That is until he meets Vicki Vale, a photojournalist who is also intrigued by Batman.

Pulling together their resources, Knox and Vale are hot on the trail of Batman. While Miss Vale is distracted by her interest in Bruce Wayne, Knox doesn’t skip a beat. It’s his detective work that helps Vicki Vale solve the mystery of Batman’s true identity.

Although Batman solved the Joker’s poisonous product combination formula, it was Knox who got the story printed, warning the citizens of Gotham. Oh how I miss the evening edition of the paper. It can save lives!

Finally, at Gotham’s 200th anniversary celebration, Knox jumps into battle. Vicki Vale warns him about the smylex gas the Joker is releasing into the air. Knox keeps his cool, and like Chuck Norris, he pounds face. Not hesitating for a moment, he grabs a bat, and covers his face so he won’t breathe in the gas. Brave Mr. Knox runs straight for the Joker’s float, chasing away every bad guy in sight. I have to tell you, I’m impressed. How many people in Gotham would do the same thing other than Batman? I would venture to guess, not too many.

I was definitely sad when Knox didn’t appear in Batman Returns. However, after giving it some serious thought, I realized he had to be removed. There is no way Oswald Cobblepot could have fooled him. Knox will always call it as he sees it. The Penguin and probably Max Shreck as well, would have faced the wrath of Gotham’s other hero, Alexander Knox.

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    • I gotta watch this movie again. Too bad it's not on Netflix!

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