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Kingdom Hearts 3 Expected This Year?

Posted on January 8, 2015 at 8:46 am by Stephen Janes

Kingdom Hearts 3 might be releasing to consoles this year, according to one of the main voice actors of the game. Kingdom Hearts 3 was first revealed at E3 in 2013 and has since left many fans wondering when the game could be expected.

Bill Farmer, who voices Goofy in the Kingdom Hearts franchise (as well as many cartoons), recently took to Twitter to answer fans questions and claims the game will be out in 2015. Farmer mentioned his recordings had been complete for some time but can’t remember any specific lines to confirm new worlds, characters or plot points.

@EmuTheDave I am certain that this is what I know & have been told.
— Bill Farmer (@GoofyBill)

The tweet has been deleted but the question asked by EmuTheDave was, obviously, in reference to a 2015 release date. Square Enix took to their Twitter account to clarify that the release date remains unannounced and nothing is official yet. It certainly would be amazing if KH3 could be released this year, but we will see.

Of course, this answer opened the floodgate and now every fan is attempting to ask about the third installment of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, many of which have been taken down. Farmer saying he is done with voice recording and that the game should be out this year should be enough information for now, at least until an official release date gets published.

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