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Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 11:31 pm by Stephen Janes

Kingdom Hearts 3

During the Sony press conference, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 was currently in development for the PlayStation 4.

A brief trailer was shown featuring series protagonist Sora picking up a keyblade on the shores of Destiny Island, a location from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. This was followed with Sora running around what looked like an alleyway in Twilight Town being chased by a wave of heartless. Although very brief and not very descriptive, the teaser was enough to make me flip out of my chair with excitement.

When I first picked up the original Kingdom Hearts, I was looking for a fun game that my sisters and I could play together. Even though it was a single player experience, we all played through the game together and were able to bond over the various Disney themes sprinkled in with the Final Fantasy franchise. This was one of the first games on the PlayStation 2 that I couldn’t put down and I must have beaten the original several times before moving onto Kingdom Hearts 2.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise spans many games over many consoles. The announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 is big because it marks the return of a true sequel not on a handheld console. I’m eager to see where this game will go from a story perspective and what new gameplay elements will be introduced.

Although announced during the Sony conference, it wasn’t explicitly stated this would be a PS4 exclusive. In addition, there is no timetable for a release date, but we can expect to hear more about Kingdom Hearts 3 this year.


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