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“Kill The Moon” – Doctor Who Review

Posted on October 5, 2014 at 12:34 pm by Darth Shiva

xto-the-moon-doctor-who.jpg.pagespeed.ic.I9rHtJ-Q7dHello again Everyone!  I find as I write this article, my rotating background has set Matt Smith (Eleven) to smirk at me while I rehash my thoughts on tonight’s episode of Doctor Who.  As always, spoilers may abound, so you have been alerted!

The-DoctorSince it’s October, it seems very appropriate to have glimpses of the episode show us tons of cobwebs, corpses and creepy spider things! On the surface, that’s what we deal with.  Courtney, probably best known as the high school girl from Clara’s school that threw up in the TARDIS when shown the universe, has been using psychic paper to buy alcohol and generally going a bit crazy since the Doctor told her she wasn’t special.  Clara confronts the Doctor about this and demands that he talk to her and take it back.  The Doctor is in no mood to do so, and instead opts to make her special by bringing her on an adventure and letting her be the first woman on the moon.  They hop to the year 2049 and end up on a space shuttle that crashes onto the surface of the moon.  They quickly discover that there is something wrong with the moon, since the gravity on the moon is like that of the Earth, and they are able to walk around normally.

1004695They investigate the problem, which began 10 years prior when a privately funded team of astronauts were sent to do mineral surveys.  Since then, the gravity of the moon increased dramatically and it caused major disasters on Earth in the form of a sudden mass high tide, killing millions of people and wiping out most of the Earth’s satellites.  Lundvik and her team were sent to find out what is causing the problems on Earth and take care of it, with the force of 100 nuclear bombs to blow up the moon if they couldn’t fix the issue.  Lundvik sends one her team to set the charges while she finds any clues in the station.  The Doctor, Clara, Lundvik, and the other astronaut search the colony set up by the Mexican astronauts and discover that it is full of cobwebs and the bodies of the colonists.  After an attack by a creepy spider like entity, the other astronaut on Lundvik’s team is killed and almost gets Courtney before she manages to kill it with a bottle of germ killer she has with her.

Doctor-Who-Kill-the-Moon-ClaraThe Doctor has a theory as to what the creatures are, and after finding fluid outside near a huge den of the spider like creatures, goes to investigate.  When he comes back, he gives the three women his explanation and tells them that they have a choice to make.  Clara begs for help, but the Doctor is adamant.  There are times in history that are not fixed and that anything that had happened in the future as they have seen it could change (funny how he seems to find a lot of those moments, isn’t it?).  He tells Clara that he cannot help her make the decision, since he is not human, and Earth is not his planet, therefore the moon is not his moon.  All her pleading is for naught and he leaves Courtney, Clara, and Lundvik stranded in the mining colony to make the decision alone.  There decision is one innocent life or the whole planet.

Doctor Who (series 8) ep 7This episode delves deeply into the psyche of the Doctor, and how he views humanity.  It’s clear that he believes that he is a superior being and will gladly make the decisions when necessary, but feels that Clara (or whatever human he is using as his companion at the time) needs to “take off the training wheels” from time to time.  This incenses Clara since she has constantly had to be this Doctor’s conscience and rightly feels that they are supposed to be traveling companions and peers.  Is this an idea that the Doctor has always had, and just managed to hide it better in previous incarnations?  Or has the amount of time the Doctor has lived and the very unusual way he became Twelve been responsible for this blatant demonstration of superiority?

moon3The cracks in the relationship between Clara and Twelve are becoming wider, and taking a 15 year old girl on one of his excursions and then abandoning her to make a decision she easily could have done differently cause her to tell the Doctor to go very far away and stay away.  Does this mean Clara really is done traveling with the Doctor, or will she miss her life on the TARDIS?

Peter Capaldi manages to keep me on the fence about his Doctor every week.  It’s hard to like an incarnation who treats humanity with thinly veiled contempt, but he is so compelling and he is taking the Doctor to darker and darker levels and exploring facets of being a Time Lord that I have not seen before.  Having Danny Pink, an ex-soldier, as an anchor for Clara on Earth, adds to the layers that Doctor Who is exploring lately and makes me excited for each week.

This episode gets an B+ from me.  The implications of the Doctor truly leaving the decision in the hands of Clara and the kind of weight he expects her to be able to shoulder make their relationship more and more balanced on how much Clara can handle.  Until the Doctor understands where she’s coming from, he may do something soon that will make their friendship irreparable.

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      Clara isn’t done with the Doctor yet. She’s still in growing pains with him as we are as an audience. Like Pink said, we’ll see how she feels when she’s calm and no longer angry.

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