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[Kickstarter] Never Sleep Again: The Making of A Nightmare On Elm Street Needs Help!

Posted on May 1, 2014 at 8:19 pm by Jess Hicks

Almost 30 years ago A Nightmare on Elm Street was released and launched New Line Cinema into the world of horror. Wes Craven brought his nightmare stalker Freddy Krueger into our lives and we haven’t looked back. A Nightmare on Elm Street was my first major introduction to horror so it holds a very special place in my heart. Now Freddy needs our help to get the entire story of the making of his world out there.

Thommy Hutson has already brought the horror world some really fantastic documentaries in Camp Crystal Lake Memories and Never Sleep AgainIt’s hard to believe he hasn’t told us everything there is to know about A Nightmare on Elm Street but he has done it again! This ultimate coffee table book includes hundreds of new photographs, interviews with every cast member including the jump rope girls, and tons of personal stories and fun facts about creating the original film.

The project is well on it’s way to becoming a reality but they are still in need of help from the loyal fans! At the $75 dollar range you can even get the book with autographs from Thommy Hutson, Heather Langenkamp (Nancy), and Amanday Wyss (Tina) and at $150 you can add Robert “Freddy” Englund’s autograph to it. Of course any amount is appreciated and will get this book one step closer to reality!

Unfortunately, if this kickstarter fails it’s more than likely we will never get the chance to see this book happen. So ban together my horror friends and get this book out there! Check out the page here and find out what Thommy and Heather have to say about this amazing project! I’ve already pledged, will you?

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