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Kickstarter Exclusive: Worn By Heroes Movie-Inspired T-Shirts

Posted on November 2, 2013 at 7:00 am by Amanda Andonian

We’re big fans of Kickstarter here, and our awesome friends, Worn by Heroes, in the UK are currently running their own Kickstarter right now to produce high quality shirts inspired by our favorite movies. What makes Worn By Heroes apparel different from your average T-shirts? Here’s why:

We know there are plenty of movie t-shirt makers out there – what makes us stick out from the crowd? We want to give you better quality, more comfort and a thrill when one of our t-shirts comes through the post. Every part of our product is designed with love for the movies and shows we’re referencing – from the t-shirt through to the packaging. Like going to the cinema or watching the last episode of Breaking Bad, we want to make our t-shirts an experience; creating a community that is more than just an online store. That’s known for being interactive, fun and completely awesome. A community that we all want to be a part of!

Taking inspiration from movies like Jurassic ParkTotal RecallBlade Runner, and more, these one-of-a-kind shirts are made from 100% cotton and come in every conceivable range of sizes from XXS to 3XL. Contribute to the Worn by Heroes Kickstarter if you want one of these awesome shirts for your own, and check out their podcast too, which they just started this week. You have until November 24th to get your hands on one (or more!) of these amazing designs.



The Worn By Heroes Kickstarter is running until November 24th at 4:30pm EST.

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