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Kholat Trailer Gives us the Willies

Posted on February 2, 2015 at 1:54 pm by Justin Cavender

Kholat Trailer

Polish Indie developer, IMGN.PRO, released a new Kholat trailer today and it certainly made our skin crawl. The trailer itself isn’t gory, but knowning the game is inspired by true events known as the “Dyatlov Pass Incident,” certainly adds to the creep factor. In the trailer, we learn that a group of nine students embarked on a mission to reach the Otorten mountain. Sadly, they never made it to their destination and while their bodies were later discovered, the cause of their deaths is still unknown.

The game will be played in FPP (First-Person-Perspective), and features an open world map, nonlinear gameplay, fear management system, and storytelling through exploration. Oh I should mention Kholat is narrated by actor Sean Bean, who is best known for a ridiculous amount of on-screen deaths. Luckily, he’ll probably get a free pass this time around.

After you watch the Kholat trailer be sure to check out the “Dyatlov Pass Incident” Wikipedia page to learn and explore possible theories on this tragic expedition.

Kholat will be available for PC and Mac on April 24, 2015. Those of you that pre-order the game will receive a free Kholat Prologue digtial comic book.

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