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JUSTICE LEAGUE rumors – Nolan in, Bale out

Posted on March 5, 2013 at 9:33 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


The Justice League film has more rumors circling it than a girls high school locker room. Yesterday we reported than Batman helmer Christopher Nolan was rumored to produce the picture, and that he had tapped Man of Steel director Zack Snyder to direct, but the biggest shock was that he was going to bring back Christian Bale as Batman. is confirming that Christopher Nolan is on board for producer. But the key thing to keep in mind is that “Fans’ enthusiasm for more movies will be rewarded once Man of Steel comes out.” Nearly everything is counting on the success of Man of Steel, and though they aren’t saying what any of the plans might be, nothing will be for certain until Man of Steel‘s likely box office success. In the meantime, director Zack Snyder is very likely to produce Justice League, as is his wife Deb, and there’s a possibility that he could direct as well.

Now for the bad news, CBM’s source says Bale will not be reprising the Batman role, as recent reports have said. And though there hasn’t been word one way or another about The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer jumping on board Justice League and rewriting Will Beall’s rumored scrapped script. “If Bale is coming back and Goyer is penning, it’s news to Warner Bros.,” said the source.

Of course the only thing we know for sure is that we really don’t know anything and everything will change six or seven more times before anything becomes “official”. Once we get a sense of Man of Steel’s success we will be able to get a general picture of Justice League’s future. Stay tuned.

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