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JUSTICE LEAGUE rumors – Armie Hammer as Batman

Posted on October 9, 2012 at 7:14 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

No you haven’t stumbled into a time warp and ended up in 2008.

MovieHole is reporting that Armie Hammer is reportedly at the top of a short wish list to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in their planned JLA film. You might remember that Hammer was set to play the caped crusader in the George Miller (Mad Max) directed version before it disintegrated. You remember now, the version that had Common playing The Green Lantern.

Hammer would be the youngest actor to portray Batman, as long as the film gets going within the next five years (Bale is the current youngest, aged 31 when Batman Begins was released).

Hammer’s next big role is playing The Lone Ranger, which opens on August 9, 2013. So we should reserve judgement until then. Justice League currently lacks a release date. And director. And cast. It does have a writer though…

What do you think? You on board for Armie Hammer as Batman?

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    • I'm sure he's a cool dude. His name is fun to say. Those Winklevoss boys can sure row a mean boat.

    • Mmmmm

      Yummy. The only problem with him playing Batman is that I don't get to look at him
      In duplicate.

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