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JURASSIC WORLD Review; Dino on Dino Action Never Looked So Good

Posted on June 10, 2015 at 11:29 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


The Jurassic Park franchise is an interesting one. Steven Spielberg’s original masterpiece will stand the test of time and be an iconic film as long as cinema is enjoyed, but the two follow ups failed to capture our imagination or the original’s spirit. So Colin Trevorrow’s entry, Jurassic World, is stuck trying to live up to the original, but really just needing to be better than the other two. Luckily for us, it manages to do both as he delivers a fast paced, enjoyable romp through the titular park and gives us an abundance of dinosaurs to enjoy.


The film takes place 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, and drops us into a fully realized version of John Hammond’s dream of a functional park populated by 14 different species of dinosaurs. The film wisely spends little time off the island at the beginning and within 5 minutes we are introduced to the park in all of it’s splendor. We initially see the park through the eyes of our two child protagonists (Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins) as they get the VIP treatment courtesy of their aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), the operations manager of Jurassic World who runs the park. If there is one thing to take away from this film it’s the dinosaurs. There are more dinosaurs in this film than the other three combined. It seems that almost every frame has a dinosaur in it and their inclusion filled me with great joy.


Of course it can’t all be happy and smily at Jurassic World. As the great Ian Malcom said “Yeah. Ooh, ah, that’s how it always starts. But then later there’s running and screaming.” It starts to hit the fan when we are introduced to the Indominus rex, a genetically altered dinosaur designed to be faster, smarter, bigger, and scarier than anything previously seen. Luckily Jurassic World employs the world’s foremost, and I assume only, raptor trainer in Owen (Chris Pratt) who they task with evaluating the creature. Shocker, the beast escapes it’s paddock by outsmarting the puny humans and chaos ensues.

Unlike it’s predecessors which brought back returning cast members in an attempt to recreate the magic, Jurassic World follows an entirely new cast of characters. Although the archetypes are there. Owen is Grant, Claire is is Ellie, the two kids are the two kids, and there is a Hammond-type as well. The real stars are the dinosaurs though. I will not spoil the third act, but it is magnificent, and like the rest of the film it lets the dinosaurs take center stage and move the story along. Remember the end of Jurassic Park when the T-Rex fought the 3 raptors? Well this finale ups the ante quite a bit.


Another great treat is Bryce Dallas Howard who has a great story arc. Starting out as the arrogant business woman who sees the dinosaurs as assets and numbers on a spread sheet, she grows into a strong female who saves the day more than once. That’s not to say that Chris Pratt is not also amazing, he’s Chris Pratt so of course he kills it. The only downside to his performance is that everything he says seems like it was meant to be a poster tagline, and for a film with four writers and a nicely flushed out female lead I was surprised that his dialog was so stifled. If it was given to a less charismatic actor this would be a big problem, but in the hands of Pratt it comes off well.

Jurassic_World_14297381769629If there was a deficit to the film it would be the story, which while enjoyable never really surprises you. Trevorrow does an amazing job ratcheting the tension to 11, and there are some genuine thrills, but you always know where you are going. In the absence of surprises though we are treated to watching the Indominus rex tear through everything the park can throw at it. The film has a nice ticking clock as the monster slowly works his way toward the section of the park with people. The film slowly builds as we are introduced to increasingly larger set pieces until we get our climax in the middle of the visitor’s center with so many dinosaurs.

While there area few moments in the finale that will make you chuckle, if you go along for the ride you are in for a great time. Jurassic World is a better film than I think most people expected it to be, and I never found myself bored or thinking that the film lagged at any time. I, like most big kids who never grew up adore dinosaurs and Trevorrow gave us dinos galore. And while it is not the genre defining masterpiece that the original was, it is pretty damned good.

Jurassic_World_14338851329628Snackbar’s Grade: B+

Pros – Dinosaurs, well paced, dinosaurs, great action, dinosaurs, amazing finale, … and dinosaurs
Cons – Predictable story, some wooden dialog, some scenes had no dinosaurs

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    • Jennifer

      My family LOVED it! At the end, my son said, “Im so happy, I almost cried!” Pretty good endorsement! The ending was amazing! Everyone in our IMAX theater yelled, “woah!”

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