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JURASSIC WORLD Details from Director Colin Trevorrow’s Twitter

Posted on November 29, 2013 at 2:06 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


We’ve yet to receive any official plot description for director Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World, but we’re slowly piecing together some evidence from his own Twitter account.  He hasn’t posted any Earth-shattering news of late, but rather bits and pieces which we can use to support other unverified rumors that have been floating around.  What we do know at the moment is that Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins star in the 3D sequel due out June 12, 2015.  For more on the film’s timeline and possible characters, hit the jump.

Here’s what Trevorrow recently revealed via Twitter about the timeline of Jurassic World:

That supports previous plot descriptions on the net reporting on Idris Elba’s possible casting, as follows:

“Jurassic World” is set in present day Isla Nublar, now an actual theme park, as originally intended by John Hammond in the first film. It garners 10 million visitors per year and is completely safe – until it’s not. The park itself is described as very Sea World-esque and includes an area called the Isla Nublar Lagoon. That means underwater dino’s for the first time. No indication of what kind, but there’s concept art showing one of the aquatic dino’s, as part of a show, jumping out of the lagoon and eating a strung up great white shark like it was a fish for a dolphin at sea world.

colin-trevorrowIn addition to commenting on Jurassic World’s timeline, Trevorrow previously referenced the gigantic oarfish that washed up on the coast of California earlier this year.  Support of aquatic dinos in Jurassic World or just a matter of curiosity?

On a technical note, Trevorrow also mentioned that Jurassic Park’s production designer, Rick Carter, has been collaborating on Jurassic World, but is currently involved with the world-building of Star Wars: Episode VII:

Tip of the day: Got a Jurassic World question, ask Trevorrow!

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