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Posted on January 24, 2013 at 2:05 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


It’s finally happened. After weeks of shortlist stories, rumors, and denials, it appears that J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars: Episode VII. According to The Wrap, Lucasfilm Chief and Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy has been courting Abrams for a while, and Abrams himself “revealed” in December that he turned down the directing gig because he’d “rather be in the audience not knowing what was coming, rather than being involved in the minutiae of making the film.” So much for that. Apparently Ben Affleck was also in contention for the job. I’m sure there will be much more to come, so stay tuned.

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    • Brent

      OMG!! Star Trek and Star Wars under the same roof. Maybe now we can have peace in the Geek world.

    • Robert

      No peace. Star Wars will always be the superior franchise.

    • Jorge

      Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Episode 1 called, and conceded that Trek was better.

      • Robert

        When compare to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Final Frontier, and Insurrection Episode 1 looks like Episode V.

    • WonTon

      I totally forgot about Insurrection. Abrams did an amazing job on the reboot so I'm incredibly optimistic for Star Wars. I just hope he makes it gritty again, and not polished like he did for Trek.

    • Tim

      Ill take Gungans over Face Stretchers and bald chicks any day.

    • Leslie

      Star Trek fan here. I think you're allowed to like both. I don't love everything Star Trek, nor Star Wars. They each do some things well and others not so well. I think Abrams will be able to milk the best of both worlds.

    • JediJay

      Isn't it a conflict of interests to have Abrams helming both franchises?

      It's like the Burger King guy removing his giant mask only to reveal it's actually Ronald McDonald in the suit…

    • Rodrigo

      Lol. After the opening crawl, the Enterprise zooms in and blows up Luke's X-Wing. The entire Enterprise crew then moons the audience.

    • Dale

      It's funny. I think I'm the only one who doesn't like Abrams Star Trek. Too much like an Abercrombie and Fitch commercial set in an Apple store for my tastes.

      • Haha You so crazy… Abrams' Star Trek is the sexo.

        Exciting news about Episode VII. I can't wait!

        • Snackbar

          Couldn't agree more. Chris Pine did the unthinkable and made me wonder "Shatner who?"

    • Has it been confirmed, though? I know everyone and their mother is reporting it (including us), but there's no official comment from anyone. It's just "sources."

    • Snackbar

      They are making the official announcement tomorrow.

      • So all the doomsayers should sharpen their razorblades and have a nice warm bath ready tomorrow before they commit mass-suicide!

        But seriously though, it's not a bad choice. I just never thought we'd ever see anything Star Wars and Star Trek coming from the same mind. I foresee much of our geek brethren speaking out against this.

        • I not interested in anything negative about this announcement. It's wonderful news and we just have to hope it's true, haha.

    • thejerd

      Not too pleased with this, not gona lie.

      • And you say I hate everything? Don't be a silly…

    • Jennifer

      I know my comment is super late, but my first thought was that Trek fans' heads were probably exploding at the idea of having to share a director w/Star Wars people! Personally, I think it's great! Randy taught me what a reboot is, this isn't one. But if Abrams did reboot Star Wars we may be able to finally tell which is better, Trek v Star Wars in a head to head reboot under the same direction. But since this isn't the case, I'm still going to have to side w/ Trek.
      I'm excited to see what he does w/Star Wars. He crushed it w/the hotness of Trek!

    • Gabriel

      It kinda sounds like Disney is trying to lure neo-Trekkies (the newest generation of fans that have only seen the most recent movie) into giving Star Wars another chance. Most of these underprivileged youngsters have heard how awesome SW was, only to be disappointed by the nonsense of Episode 1. Getting Abrams to direct SW has the potential to draw new and old fans of both franchises to the box office…except those crotchety old ST fans that can't be pleased by anyone.

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