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Jessie’s March Fancy Box

Posted on April 14, 2013 at 7:56 pm by JESSIE

Ah, the month of March. Don’t you love the madness of it all? So much basketball, and more basketball, and…wait, I guess that’s pretty much it. Oh, and the allergies–the constant incessant allergies; that’s just me though.

Aside from basketball highlights, I had another personal highlight of my own: my March Fancy Box! What did I get this time? Let us see…

Citrus Juicer Bottle and Mini Broom


I sincerely apologize for the horrible backdrop and picture quality. I was unable to get my camera to work this time around and as for the horrid setting, I simply have no excuse.

1. On the left: A Quirky Broom Groomer (Mini). Prima facie, this may seem like a silly little gag gift or a gadget to have around just for kicks and giggles. From my experience with this product, however, it has been quite the contrary. You see, this table-top broom kit is not only useful, but also environmentally conscious (given that it’s actually put to use)! I used to profusely use wet wipes and paper towels to clean my desk, but now I have my handy dandy mini-broom to get the job done!

2. On the right: A Citrus Zinger Bottle. I’m very particular about my water–I like it cold, ice cold. I’m talking condensation style so I can draw pretty doodles with my finger. If I must carry around a water bottle all day from class to class though, my water becomes very lukewarm and to me it just starts tasting very…stale. With this Citrus Zinger Bottle, I’m able to take my lukewarm water to the next level! And I get to enjoy it too! This product allows me to easily add fresh citrus flavor to my water in a very convenient matter since it has a great design. Thumbs up!

Runaway Alarm Clock


A Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels. One word can sum up this product: effective. Very annoyingly effective. Not only does this alarm clock force me to run it down in my drunken sleepy state, the sound that it emits acts as a built-in incentive for me to jump out of bed to turn it off. It is the most irritating noise ever, and very hard to put into words, but I’ll give it a shot. To get a somewhat accurate depiction, try imagining a cartoon robot malfunctioning and going crazy with high-pitched electronic noises. As much as I hate this thing, I give it a thumbs up for effective performance.

London Tee and Shoptiques gift card


At last, the apparel! Here we have a Pilot & Captain London Airport Tee and a $10 Gift Card to I’ve actually been to London so I really like this shirt. I’ll gladly admit it’s way better than the “Party” Tee I received in my January Fancy Box. As for the gift card, I haven’t used it yet but I’ve visited the site and I’m definitely looking forward to purchasing something in the future. Some nice shades, perhaps.

My thoughts on this month’s Fancy Box? Definitely better than the one I received last month. Again, it all comes down to practicality for me and I’ve been able to utilize the products I’ve received in March significantly more than the ones I received in February. The upside to this is that I now know that there is no negative correlation between duration of Fancy Box subscription and quality of products received. Huzzah!

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