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Jessie’s January Jumble o’ Knickknacks

Posted on February 7, 2013 at 7:55 pm by JESSIE

As one may have already inferred from my nearly alliterative title (can someone please provide me with a word that works for “toys/gadgets”?!), I’m signed up for a subscription for a monthly Fancy Box delivery.

For more information about this dealio, please click the above link. But basically, The Fancy is an online social photo sharing webstore where you can go through photos of products that are tailored towards your preferences and either like them, buy them, save them on a wish list, or any combination of those–all in one convenient website or app! Wowza!

Now I’ll admit, I’ve never actually bought anything specifically from The Fancy, but what I want to write about here is something a little different that involves a little more risk. As noted previously, the photos of products I browse through on The Fancy are tailored to my tastes, and this is because everyone is prompted with a questionnaire when signing up for The Fancy. So, Fancy knows my general interests. Here comes the fun part…

Every month, I pay about $40 for The Fancy to send me a box of random items worth about $60. Some may automatically turn away from a deal like this due to the element of the unknown. But me? I welcome the unknown with open arms. I started my subscription November 2012 figuring “ah, why the hell not?” and never turned back.

So far I’ve been satisfied, and sometimes downright impressed, by what I’ve received. And since I love the mystery of it all, that alone is enough utility in itself to get me to keep purchasing these boxes o’ fun.

Today, I finally received my Fancy Box for January. I was getting a little worried that it was taking them so long to deliver it, but after chatting with their superb customer service people, I learned it just depends  on which shipment date you get put into. For this order, my shipment was scheduled for the end of the month whereas in the past I’ve received my boxes earlier. No complaints really, though!

Now, let the opening of Jessie’s January Fancy Box begin. And I have pictures!

Box, chillen' Open Contents


So here we have my Fancy Box, chillen’, and then we have my Fancy Box open with all its not-so-visible contents. Let’s have a closer look, eh?


First off, every order comes with a couple of hip and novel The Fancy stickers. The front of my refrigerator is currently getting a monthly makeover with these stickers. Okay, so these are non-apparel items I received this month. Oh, and sorry for the poor photo and background quality–my smartphone is a little photo-challenged.

  1. On the left, we’ve got an Urban Beatz Verse Headphone w/ In-Line Microphone, which according to Amazon is worth about $30 plus S&H.
  2. In the middle, we’ve got a gag  Congratulations All-Purpose Card, valued at $4.50.
  3. On the right, I have here a Deep Tea Diver, valued at around $15. Harharharhar, punny.

So far so good. Me likey…but soft! There’s more…



Here are the apparel items I’ve received this month. Last month, I was self-gifted a sick black crew neck sweater with the word “hello” on it that I wear all the time. My favorite Fancy Box item I’ve gotten so far, by far.

  1. On the left here we have some black gloves with golden freckles. I quite like them, and they’ll definitely be useful sometime in the future. Unfortunately, there’s no brand signage on the gloves so I can’t really look up the price, but I’m guessing around $5-7 here?
  2. On the right, we have a Classy Party T-Shirt by the brand After Hours Agenda. It looks like something I’d wear every once in a while, so woot. Fancy values this item at $20.

So that’s my Fancy Box for this month! I can’t comment on the quality of these items yet, but my past experiences lend me enough evidence to think that there won’t be any problems in that arena. This is the first time I’ve actually taken the time to look up the individual prices of all the items, and I think the difference between prices is worth it, for me at least!

Lastly, I am in no way affiliated with The Fancy, but I’m a sucker for these type of surprise box deals and I think The Fancy does a great job of matching customers to products they would like. I hope I’ve sparked some interests out there and have convinced some to give Fancy Box a try!



    • What's in the box

      I wonder if you get something REALLY cool your first time so you keep your sub up. I'll give it a whirl. I like surprises.

    • Jess Hicks

      I looked but i couldn't find a synonym that started with "j", clearly you need to make up and patent one! Great post! Now I want to go spend money…

    • Snackbar

      Looks like a lot if fun. Every month is Christmas.

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